What Do You Do Following Relapse?

Recovery is on the horizon now that you are on the other side of rehab. Perhaps you are doing well and feeling. Maybe you are not using substances for the first time ever and feel like you are doing the best you can with what you have. Then, out of the blue, relapse occurs and you feel like a failure. The key is not to give shame or feelings of failure. If you relapse, it is not the end of the world. There are some things you can do to get yourself back on top again.

Frustration of Relapse

Relapse is frustrating and humiliating. It leaves you feeling ashamed and guilty. Relapse is common, it is not a bad thing. It happens to many people with addiction. Many people relapse multiple times prior to finally being in recovery without using. That is the nature of addiction in that it impacts your brain and body to the extent you have trouble concentrating on anything else while addicted. Relapse can happen for many reasons but here are some tips to cope if you are recovering from relapse:

  • Release guilt and shame. Don’t use them as motivation, they will just keep you sitting on the fence and not getting back into the game of recovery
  • Find your support network. If what you have isn’t working, find another one. Go to more meetings, find new groups, and seek support in different places you think will be helpful
  • Don’t be afraid to call loved ones and ask for additional support
  • Return to treatment and find a place that works with those who have chronic relapse issues

If a relapse occurred on one night, you might get back to recovery. If you went multiple times, you may be struggling to figure out how to get well for good. Some treatment centers provide better aftercare services and treatment plans for those with relapse issues, so try to do those for yourself.

Relapse is Just the Beginning

Don’t think of relapse as the end, it is merely a new beginning. As you progress in recovery, you will find new ways to be and think. Many people relapse and you are not alone. Don’t feel trapped in a revolving door. While recovery may be difficult, some people get caught in a pattern and are not able to commit to sobriety. It takes a mindset focused on healing that will get you to the next level. Think of relapse as a new opportunity to adjust expectations and circumstances to meet what you need.

The Last Resort helps you ask for what you need. There are times when you are struggling that it feels you cannot get ahead, but we are here to help you navigate relapse with confidence and strength. Our team of addiction professionals is here to support your journey of healing, regardless of where you’ve come from. Call us to find out more: 512-750-6750.