What Does a Good Mental Health Team Look Like?

When you are taking ownership of your recovery, you are putting yourself first. A team of people who can help you focus on your mental health is always a good way to get started. If you are in treatment or searching for a place to heal from addiction, look for places that have a team including psychologists and psychiatrists who can work with you to cultivate better mental health. Each plays a different role in your recovery but is key to managing your symptoms and recovery.

Why a Team Approach Matters

Your treatment team works together to ensure you have good mental health. It is important to understand how they’re communicating with each other so their services compliment one another. One member of your team is not more important than the other and nobody should be helping you more than you help yourself. Most of all, they need to be on the same page about your care so they should communicate with one another.

Psychiatrists and Medication

A good psychiatrist will help you manage medication in recovery. They understand it is a difficult time and you need help to manage your ability to function. To get psychiatric medication, you need a doctor who can prescribe psychotropic medication. A psychiatrist is a vital part of a treatment team for many. Finding the right medication makes a world of difference when it comes to mental health. It will help your anxiety, help you open up about your journey, trauma, and start giving you a focus on supporting your daily life.


A psychologist matters because they help talk through struggles with you in therapy. This opens the door for you to get well and retain good mental health. It is essential you are candid with your therapist about what is going on. If you’re on medication, you can check in with your therapist and let them know how you’re feeling about it in between meetings with your psychiatrist.

Online Therapy

One place you can talk about your feelings is online counseling. You can talk about things online with a therapist who can treat you with therapeutic models you find in person as well but are not able to be there because of your time constraints or other reasons. Online therapy can be great for people who want to continue working with a therapist but struggle to find the right one or have trouble leaving home to visit a counselor’s office. The main goal with a treatment team is to ensure they focus on your well-being and healing. If they focus on your individual recovery, while working together, that is a team that will take you far in recovery.

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