What Does Addiction Look Like for Professionals on Wall Street?

Addiction hits everyone, no matter what demographic or space in life the person exists. When they are struggling with addiction, the money doesn’t matter as much as their health and well-being. Addiction for professionals on Wall Street may be hidden by some but it can become more obvious as it progresses there are problems. Find out why people who work in finance and high-profile jobs on Wall Street use drugs and how they find hope in recovery.

Drugs and Work

For people who work jobs with long hours, they are more likely to experience stress and burnout as a result. Wall Street professionals may work so many hours they have no other hobbies outside work. This can result in disconnection from friends, family, and loved ones over time. Cocaine and alcohol have been used by professionals on Wall Street but the problem is moving into prescription drugs and other substances to keep them working the hours and making the money. Some of it is socialization in that they spend a lot of time with others doing the same thing. Substance abuse is so widespread that people are trying to beat the drug tests to keep their jobs.

From Profit to Principle

The key for people on Wall Street with addiction is to make it more fashionable and reasonable to uphold personal principles against substance use than look at profit. The banker will do business with anyone who can bring in the big money for them and their employer. Knowingly selling high-profit goods that are not of good value can get them into trouble, but pursuing clients who sell drugs may not seem as much. The recent recession did not mean anything for people with lots of money who were still able to bounce back and are seeking opportunities to continue their behavior rather than change.

Making the Shift

To make the shift from doing drugs or drinking to finding hope, it takes courage and tenacity. People must be willing to stop doing what they are doing so they can finally heal. This means deciding doing drugs is of lesser value than continuing to seek drugs or stay addicted and risk losing everything. When the risk of losing it all becomes too great, a person is more likely to stop what they are doing to rethink and find new solutions. Finding new solutions to an age-old question of how to quit using drugs and find hope again takes courage. This means quitting with the help of others who have gone before and giving them peace to make it happen. Rehab is a safe space to be vulnerable and find their voice for a long-lasting recovery.

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