What Does Codependency Have to Do with Addiction?

Codependency is something that appears in many people’s addiction journeys, unfortunately. It is the way relationships play out that are dysfunctional. The cause of it lies within the nature of the relationship but usually, both parties are involved. A relationship with the codependent is draining and exhausting. Find out what it has to do with addiction and how to find support if it is part of your story.

Nature of Codependency

The main cause of codependency is men who grow up in dysfunctional families and bring it into their relationships. Codependent people may have been abused physically, verbally, or even sexually as kids. The behaviors begin as a defense to protect themselves but they don’t have a way to escape. The issues go unresolved and bleed into other relationships if not resolved. Symptoms of this codependency range from insecurities to low self-worth and a need to control things in their lives. This causes strain in the relationships and they often feel out of control.

Problems with Codependency

Many people with codependent natures do not understand their problems. They often end up losing ones they care about and find ways to combat this but, with men, it can be a challenge. A lot of old wounds will be reopened so they can heal. Counselors can help identify the problem spots, and once they get to the root of addiction, will be able to address it so they can live healthier lives.

Seeking Help

The main thing about seeking help, especially for men, is to involve the family. The larger family usually consists of extended family members who have been trying to help the loved one with an addiction and have a lot to say about everything. They will want to help the person but also need help themselves. This family style of therapy will help everyone realize their role. They did not make the choice about addiction but they can choose not to enable or find ways to stop letting them get away with things that are unhealthy. It is best to find help for them in a treatment center where they can address all the underlying issues associated with addiction and find hope for healing from substance abuse. It will help to also address underlying mental health conditions and disorders, along with addiction.

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