What Does Interconnectedness of Everything Have to Do with My Recovery?

There is a saying we are all connected, that everything we do matters. One thing that people think about in recovery is how to align their values with who they are now. If everything has energy and it is all connected, then we are all suffering when one suffers (animals, people) and we are all rejoicing when people are healed. It may seem esoteric, but if you think about nature and the cycles of seasons, that is a sign that we are all connected in some way, shape, and form. Our collective values influence one another. We have the power to engage the world and decide how to do what we need to do to survive. Find out why our interconnectedness is tied to recovery and how to embrace this idea for your journey.

Changing the World

The only way to change the world one person at a time. It starts with changing it for ourselves, then moving onto others. When we consistently choose values that are focused on a higher purpose, we leave a better imprint here on Earth. There are four steps we can take each day to increase power to walk in accordance with higher values.

  • Set value system: inconsistent, competing values that manifest in corporate greed, misconduct, and toxic humanity often harm other people and ourselves. Find some time alone to consider what your values are in recovery. Spend time thinking about who you are and make an honest assessment of your life up to this point, including who you see yourself becoming
  • Meditate: the best way to get rid of extra thoughts and junk in your mind is to meditate. The world is distracted, frantic, and frenzied. Striving for things they couldn’t take with them when they leave the Earth. Meditation puts you in touch with yourself and even others who are looking to practice a different path. If you want to change the world, start with yourself. When you do this consistently, you will see some resonance in your life of moving forward and healing
  • Return to breathing: breath is all we have at the end of the day. When we wake up, when we sleep, it is all about the breath. Short of a full-meditation in the middle of the work day, conscious breathing helps you feel better, but also clears out the clutter and multitasking our brains do every day. Conscious slowing also slows your mind. You begin to notice your body and appreciate what you might otherwise miss
  • Stop talking: we say too much and overpromise, but under deliver. Our bodies and minds are meant for relationship and connection. Pausing before we speak, thinking before we act can help us process what needs to happen before it does. Choosing words in a conscious way matters. Walking according to deep, energetic values also matters and is the work of creating a world we can be proud to leave our children and others’ children

The goal of becoming more aware of our interconnectedness in recovery is how much our actions, behaviors, and thoughts matter to other people. They may not seem significant to us but they do have an impact on other people. We just have to believe we are made for a higher purpose and start living into that in order to feel just how connected we are.

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