What Does it Mean to ‘Choose Your Family’ in Recovery?

Recovery is a great place to begin again. Even after all you’ve been through, after all the family and everyone has experienced, there is still room for hope. Many people realize in recovery their loved ones are engaged in their recovery because they believe in them. Having them be part of the process is healing, but sometimes it does not work that way and people have to ‘choose’ their family in sobriety. Whether it is because the family of origin is toxic or is distant from the person with addiction, there are ways to negotiate this challenge and still ‘choose’ a family that supports and honors your journey of recovery.

Re-defining Family

Even in the best of families, there can be distance and disconnection. With addiction at the helm, people often end up isolating themselves from loved ones. When they take the first step to pursue treatment, they let everyone know they are making a positive, life-affirming choice. The lack of support may take many forms, but some people have to look for other people to support their journey. The lack of support from the family can feel disheartening. There are many opportunities to find encouragement, which means thinking outside the box enough to find them.

Know Your Network

Support is key during recovery, but it may not look like you think it will. When you want much-needed support, there are many ways to find it. This means NA, AA, and other sober support meetings. It also means meeting people who have rebuilt relationships. Ask questions and utilize experiences. Don’t be afraid to turn to spaces like online social media platforms, apps, and under-utilized spaces to form a family network. Get out there and find some hobbies, do some poking around to see what will work for you. If you are struggling with recovery, try to ask sober companions further along how they navigated the challenges and see what they say.

Put You First

First, and foremost, is your journey of recovery. You cannot put your recovery first if you are worried about other people or what they might think. Keep a safe distance from spaces that might result in relapse risk. This means knowing your triggers, sticking to your guns, and not putting yourself in danger. Spend time with people who fully support your goals and what you want, who will not push your boundaries, and respect you. You are more likely to form long-lasting bonds with them if you don’t push yourself into spaces you’re not ready for. When you are ready to choose recovery, you are ready to begin a new chapter of your life. When you’ve lost control, you need to reclaim your right to choose what happens. When you decide to be yourself, you can demonstrate to everyone that you’ve changed for the better. Let the ones who are struggling in your life have space to heal. They may come back around. Some may not be healthy to have around now (or ever) and that’s okay, too. Accept what is and work towards what will be in the future.

The Last Resort provides a safe, supportive environment for men in a retreat-like setting. One thing we provide is space to cultivate family from friends. We also help you integrate family into counseling and other spaces so you can begin the healing journey together when you leave treatment. Don’t be afraid to call us and start your journey today. We are here to help you get started: 512-750-6750.