What Does it Mean to Take an Inventory in Sobriety?

The first of the year is not the only time to consider an inventory of your life in sobriety. New Year’s Eve is typically when people associate new beginnings, goal setting, and taking an inventory. In recovery, there is always room for improvement by taking an inventory of your past year to set new goals for yourself. Find out what it means to do an inventory in sobriety and why it matters.

Pros and Cons

Even if this was your first year in sobriety, or perhaps even just a few months, it’s a good time to look at the highs and lows. You cannot be perfect all the time. There are times you are going to do well and other times you’re going to slip up. As you list the pros and cons, search for patterns. If the change of seasons is hard for you, make sure you have extra support during spring and fall in 2019. You can also:

  • Brainstorm about your year
  • Write things down
  • Note achievements and mistakes
  • Journal about the experience to try and dissect each part of the inventory list
Measure Improvement

Once you’ve taken inventory, it’s time to consider how you can make 2019 even better. If you are in early recovery, this could mean maintaining treatment, avoiding risky situations and working towards getting a one-year chip. If you’ve been in recovery, you need to do more planning. Even if the past year was a good year, challenge yourself to think about what your goals are up ahead. Perhaps it is volunteering, doing therapy work, diving into recovery more, or sponsoring another person if you are ready for that step.

Discuss Goals

The unbiased and nonjudgmental advice people get from sponsors and peers is essential to long-term success. After you evaluate the past year and goals, talk about your past year and what’s ahead with people in your recovery network. Not only can a sponsor help talk out problem areas, they may be able to spot patterns that you miss if you’re taking inventory on your own.

Group Effort

Although the stress of Thanksgivings and Christmas are done, New Year’s Eve usually focuses heavily on drinking and partying. This can be a hard time for people in recovery. Rather than avoid people, create a sober space to ring in the new year. Invite friends from recovery groups to bring a dish to share as you reflect on your success in 2018 and what you would like to accomplish in your recovery throughout the year.

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