What is a Spiritual Approach to Recovery?

Spiritual approaches to recovery are not just focused on religion or belief in God. For some people, it is more about inner power. This may mean tapping into part of yourself and developing the ability to recognize a connection to the larger good and a greater purpose. Spirituality is personal for people. It is important to help people define what it means to them so they can find helpful approaches.

Spirits and Pain

Part of mental health and addiction treatment is making spiritual connections. This is done with mindfulness and meditation as well as yoga and other energy experiences. There are ways to incorporate spirituality into treatment. Some of the reasons may include pathways of easing pain and finding more inner peace.


A spiritual approach helps people look at their lives and problems in a bigger way. It gives people a way to make meaning out of experiences and provides a sense of inner power to release pain and move forward.


Many people come to rehab and find recovery because life is not manageable the way they are living it. There is a hopeless despair that can rise up in people who struggle with the issue of addiction recovery. Without hope, there is no healing. A person has to resolve within themselves they are ready to face addiction and get past whatever is keeping them from moving forward in life.


Human beings need to make meaning from life experiences. Life is not just about pleasure, or power, it is about searching for deeper meaning in a person’s own life. The quest for meaning is spiritual and resides in the soul, however that looks for each person. Finding a community, caring therapists, and healing opportunities can create sacred bonds that are needed for people in recovery.

Beyond Trauma

Moving beyond trauma is hard work. People feel they are continuously living with trauma. In their minds and bodies, the trauma is still happening. Making meaning of painful experiences and connecting to something larger helps them know. Learning to see things with spiritual eyes also helps close out the old part of life in terms of relationships and their sense of self. A spiritual approach to personal transformation is often symbolic but powerful. This transformational journey allows people to start again and maintain hope to create life from here on out. It is an important part of maintaining recovery.

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