What is The Thinkery in Austin, TX?

‍Thinkery is a children’s museum located at 1830 Simond Ave, Austin, TX 78723. That aims to inspire curiosity, creativity, and learning through hands-on exhibits and programs. The museum opened in 2013, and has since become a popular destination for families and educators in the Austin area.

One of the main features of Thinkery is its interactive exhibits, which are designed to encourage children to explore and experiment with different concepts and ideas. For example, the “Inventor’s Workshop” exhibit allows children to build and test their own inventions using a variety of materials and tools, while the “Nature Play” exhibit encourages children to explore the natural world through outdoor activities and hands-on play.

Where is the Thinkery in Austin Located?

The Thinkery is located near the intersection of Airport Boulevard and East 51st Street. It is positioned in the Mueller neighborhood, about 3 miles northeast of downtown Austin.

Driving to the Thinkery is convenient, as it is located near several major roads, including Airport Boulevard, Mueller Boulevard, and I-35. Those coming from downtown Austin can take I-35 North, exit on Airport Boulevard, and head east for about 2 miles. Turn left onto East 51st Street and then right onto Simond Avenue, and the museum will be on the left.

For those using public transportation, the Thinkery is accessible via several bus routes. The nearest bus stop is located at the intersection of Airport Boulevard and Simond Avenue, just a short walk from the museum.

In terms of landmarks, the Thinkery is located near the Mueller Town Center, a bustling mixed-use development that includes restaurants, shops, and residential units. Additionally, the Dell Children’s Medical Center is located nearby, making the area a hub for healthcare services.

Does The Thinkery Offer Events for Families and Children?

In addition to its exhibits, Thinkery also offers a variety of programs and events for children and families. These include classes, workshops, and camps that focus on topics such as science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). The museum also hosts special events throughout the year, such as “Holidays at Thinkery” and “Science in the City” which are great for families and friends to enjoy together.

Thinkery is also a great place for educators to take their students. The museum offers a variety of field trips and educational programs for schools, as well as professional development opportunities for teachers. These programs are designed to align with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) curriculum, and are intended to help educators supplement their classroom instruction with hands-on learning experiences.

In addition to its exhibits and programs, Thinkery is also known for its commitment to sustainability and environmental education. The museum’s “Green Room” exhibit, for example, teaches children about the importance of recycling and conservation, and the museum’s campus includes a variety of sustainable features such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting.

Overall, Thinkery is a great place for families and educators in the Austin area to explore and learn in a fun, interactive way. Whether you’re looking for hands-on exhibits, educational programs, or special events, Thinkery has something for everyone. With its commitment to sustainability, Thinkery is also a great place to learn about the environment and how to take care of it for the future.

As Austin continues to grow, Thinkery is a great destination for families, children, and educators to learn and explore in a fun and interactive way. It’s not just a museum, it’s a place where children can learn and grow while having fun. With its commitment to sustainability, Thinkery will continue to be a great place to learn about the environment and how to take care of it for the future. If you’re ever in Austin, be sure to check out Thinkery, and let your imagination run wild!

Key Things to Know About the Thinkery

  1. The Thinkery was originally founded in 1983 without a permanent location, and provided traveling exhibits in public places such as malls, parks, and libraries.
  2. The museum moved to a larger space in 1997 with the help of a fundraising campaign before moving to its current location in the Mueller Community in 2013.
  3. The Thinkery is a science and technology-based children’s museum that provides fun learning experiences for families in STEAM subjects.
  4. The museum hosts several hands-on exhibits such as Currents, Fresh! Farmers’ Market, Light Lab, and Our Backyard, as well as recurring events like Community Nights, Think Lab, Baby Bloomers, and Gingerbread Workshops.
  5. The Thinkery has received recognition for its programs through various grant programs, including hosting a resident Maker and participating in the Google Fiber Community Connections program.

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