Why 30 Days May Not Be Enough for Some People in Rehab

When it comes to rehab, one of the things to consider is the length of time to be there. If you are wondering whether 30, 60, or 90 days is the right amount of time, it depends on whom you ask, or which program is offered. Usually, 30 days is not enough time to turn someone’s life around in rehab. Rehab is a starting point, no matter how long you’re there. It helps to understand why people look at 30-day programs and why it may not be enough to get started on the road to recovery for some people.

How 30 Days Started

When people first looked at treatment programs, they believed 30 days was enough to get people with addiction on their feet again. In 1970, the first addiction treatment center for the US Air Force was established. This allowed fighting and flying men to go for 30 days or less without reassignment. When this was successful for inpatient dependency treatment, they got insurance companies to cover programs for 30 days and then nobody checked to make sure this was enough time. Now the National Institute on Drug Abuse is stating that anyone in therapy for less than 90 days is more likely to relapse and that 90-day treatment programs offer a better chance at being successful.

Varying Lengths

Although 90 day programs are offered, there are many 30 day programs which help people get on their feet and get started. Many substance abuse providers offer longer programs or also offer a program for aftercare called sober living that extends this out for up to a year or more. People who go for 90 days often detox then have time to start therapeutic intervention to try and increase their ability to heal from addiction. The success rate is based on the length of stay and the fact that people with addiction and alcoholism are weaning back into society over a period of time.

Seeking Help

All treatment providers suggest clients that struggle with substance abuse take part in programs that work to support their journey in recovery. The 30-day model may not be enough but it depends on the person and their treatment plan. The question is if a loved one follows recommended care, will they stay sober? The answer is that most people will and with support of their program and loved ones will absolutely have great success. Outpatient programs or sober living also help enhance a person’s recovery so they can heal from addiction. Whatever a person decides, they can rest assured wherever they go, they can rely on people who have been ahead of them to help them make informed decisions and keep making good choices that help them navigate recovery in a healthy way.

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