Why Are There So Many Rules in Rehab?

Setting rules in rehab is not anyone’s idea of a good time. It is hard to follow the rules. It is hard to feel up to doing what others tell you to do. The rule is in place for your own good and the betterment of your sobriety. Some of the rules that may be enforced at rehab can help your recovery. Find out what they are and how you can learn to navigate rehab without worrying about the rules and just embracing the experience.

Rule Are Rules

One of the hardest things to do in recovery you are not in control or charge of your own life. You are giving it up to be sober. At least for a little while so you can realign your priorities. Some of the rules that may need to be enforced at rehab will help you eventually on your pathway to recovery:

  • No laptops, mobile phones, or devices: rehab centers may allow you to use cell phones or landlines in the presence of staff sometimes, but they are mostly forbidden. The idea is that you are restricted to making calls to only family and not people to whom you are connected for drug purchases
  • Limiting relationships to acquaintances: you are not allowed to formally pursue relationships in rehab. The program will separate people in a relationship so they can focus on separate rehab experiences. Connections and communication is key but romance may complicate matters for the meantime
  • Attendance is mandatory: if you don’t show up, you don’t grow up. The rule is you don’t grow into your recovery if you are not going to be at each session, willing to participate and learn as you go. You are paying to be there one way or another so it is up to you to get the most out of it
  • Total abstinence: in rehab, bags will be searched on arrival for prescription medication and those will be taken before you go. The goal of treatment is to teach you life skills so you learn how to live drug and alcohol-free lives and thrive in recovery.
  • Structured schedules: times will be implemented for chores, mealtimes, group and other activities while in rehab. You need a sense of structure if you are to start the healing journey. This also keeps your brain from thinking about using drugs or substances with too much free time on your hands

Rules are designed to help you cope better, not annoy or frustrate you. The journey of recovery is a lifetime one, not one that is only focused on rehab. The more you can get aligned in rehab with your goals, the better off you will be. Rules can be changed but they are there for your own good. They are created so you can function in a safe space and feel like you get what you need from the experience. Don’t shortchange yourself and not participate because you are not sure what you need to do. They will make it clear; it’s just up to you to follow what they say (for now) and learn to accept this new journey for your life.

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