Why Being Punctual is Common Courtesy and Helpful in Recovery

Punctuality is the act of being on time. It seems everyone is rushing around but never in a hurry to slow down and be on time. People have places to be but rarely show up when they say they will. It is hard to plan with people who never show up. Punctuality is a great thing to develop as a rule of thumb in recovery. Learn why it is common courtesy and how to develop this skill.

Why it Matters

Being prompt extends to everything you do from meeting friends, going to church, reaching, and leaving work to meet friends. Keeping promises is one of the things people often look for in friends and loved ones but falls off the radar when you are in the middle of addiction. Some cultures value being late as you are really on time. It depends on the culture but if you are going to make plans, it is best to show up for them. Some other ways it demonstrates your capacity to see and meet others where they are:

  • Reveals your integrity: if you tell someone a time to meet and are late, they will not see you as very responsible or reliable. These are skills that employers, friends, and family all will value over time
  • Dependability maters: a man can always be found at his post, carrying necessary duties forward. If you are not reliable, people will stop expecting you to show up and not depend on you for much of anything. This places doubt in people’s minds you can do what they ask
  • Builds confidence: showing up on time tells others you are dependable. It teaches you to depend on yourself and when you promise something you will grow in confidence. The less you are at the behest of your compulsions, the more you can build confidence in the life you want to live
  • Re-build relationships: you can rebuild relationships that got strained under addiction. The family that has your back now will keep building on that while you work on getting stronger. If you don’t show up or prove unworthy, they will wonder in what other ways you’re not showing up for yourself or others
  • Embrace your life: When you are working towards a better way of life, you will want to build into friends and family. They are the ones there for you. They can help you embrace new life with a positive perspective. It creates less stress if you do not focus so much on your external stuff and instead work on your interior self. Life is complicated, but recovery is about building your life from the inside out.

When you are serious about showing up for yourself, you will start to show up for others. Don’t let others down because you are not responsible. Practice setting aside time for people you care about, show up, and give the time both they, and you, deserve.

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