Why Cold Yoga is So Hot Right Now (and Whether it May Be Right for You)

People have this idea in their heads about hot yoga being the ‘in thing’ right now, but really it’s all about cold yoga. Before you play it off like it is not a big deal, people are really fired up about trying yoga in a chilled environment. The challenge of moving in a room that is set around sixty degrees has some people thinking of all the benefits.

Coming in Cold

The body works harder to retain its heat when it is cold as a survival mechanism. The body will burn energy to maintain the heat, thus burning more calories in the process. Sleeping at cooler temperatures is actually better for people than sleeping when it is too hot. The same thought process is put into thinking about exercise at cooler temperatures where the body can burn fat at a lower temp. In a hot room, the focus can be on getting through the poses, but colder temps help you stay present and focused on the moment because you feel chilled (at first).

Don’t Sweat It

The body produces heat through exercise. Sweat helps cool the body down. Without sweat, you can overheat quite easily. That makes it important to stay hydrated, drink water, and stay focused on how you feel when you do hot yoga. Cold yoga, on the other hand, doesn’t increase your core temperature as much as hot yoga. The body will not sweat as much so you will not work out at the same intensity but you might get more of a slow (cold) burn, similar to swimming in a pool or doing laps.

Stay Focused

The biggest thing about cold yoga is to realize you are there for the fitness aspect of yoga. If you are looking for meditation, perhaps try a class with a warmer temp and comfortable feel to it. The colder classes are not for everyone (or being out of doors when it is colder). If you like trying new things, this could help your recovery a lot. If you are not so much into colder work out spaces, then try traditional exercise and yoga classes, instead. The key is to stay focused on recover and get into an exercise regimen that helps you align with the values of your recovery program. Find what works for you and do that, at least for awhile. Stick with a consistent routine if you want to see results in yoga, and in your recovery.

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