Why Do People Use Spice and How Does it Affect Them?

When people hear the word spice, they might think of something you sprinkle on food. This little bit of something extra adds a kick, a hit to the palate of flavor that makes the food taste a little better. Some like it spicier than others, with ghost peppers being the favorite for some who like it so hot it brings tears to their eyes. The other ‘spice,’ the drug, is quite the opposite. It does give people certain feelings, but for different reasons. It is dangerous, risky, and addictive. It may even be lethal for some people who use it. The designer drug mimics marijuana but is 100 times more potent. Find out why people use the drug spice and how it impacts them.

The Draw of Spice

Being drawn to spice is often the ‘last resort’ drug. Even though there are negative consequences associated with use, spice continues to draw people into its clutches and destroy their lives. Addiction is a very real danger and it is ravaging people’s health, lives, relationships, and destroying their futures. Find out why people use it and how they can seek help:

  • Easy to obtain: even though this drug is illegal, people use is wide. It can be found in smoke shops or online, which makes it anonymous and easy to access
  • Undetectable: the mind-altering chemicals in the dried plant material change all the time. With modifications, it is hard to test on screens, and those who get busted for it often have used it long enough they are feeling the physical and emotional effects enough to need help and it is more detectable by then
  • Cheap to use: the drug costs so little to obtain that people will buy a lot of it to use all at once. It is easy to get online and buy in bulk when it is cheaper than other drugs on the market, making it the cheapest choice
  • Results: when using this drug, people may get higher than they would off of other drugs, which makes it a draw to use. The real danger in that is people don’t always know what they’re buying and who is manufacturing it. It can be changed to add in toxic chemicals that make it more dangerous than ever to use
Seeking Help

Spice addiction can manifest in people in different ways. They may experience some negative consequences that get stronger over time as more of the drug is ingested. It may even lead to overdose. Some basic risks and signs of abuse of spice include:

  • Headaches following use
  • Vomiting
  • Paranoia
  • Heart rate elevated
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Violent behavior
  • Seizures
  • Nausea
  • Obsession with taking and using the drug
  • Looking for more of the drug constantly
  • Shopping online or buying secretly
  • Refusing to do anything but smoke spice

The challenge for people with addiction is getting them help. When people know the signs, they can start to think about how to get their loved ones help. It takes some time to figure out if a loved one has an addiction to drugs, but it is best to get help as soon as possible because the sooner a person detoxes, the sooner they can reset their brain and body to heal. The risk of overdose is always real so it is best to find help at a center that understands this drug, addiction, mental health issues and can provide the best support for a loved one.

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