Why Does Therapy Take So Long to Integrate?

There are many types of therapy and not all of them are helpful to everyone in every situation. Progress takes time. For people in therapy, they may have to commit to the long game. This is difficult to accept, but it takes time to integrate the work done in therapy into real life. Recovery is not an easy journey, it takes time and focused intention to heal. Learn why it takes so long and how to have patience with yourself in the process.

Do the Work

Most of the time when people talk about doing the work of recovery, they mean finding time to heal from addiction. But they don’t say all the hours of therapy you’ll endure before you get there. Endure because it can feel like an endurance run to get through the struggle of dealing with therapy sessions with family, friends, and loved ones who want to help you get better. You may not have realized how much you needed help until you have many therapists tell you they can help you with that. Dismantling old ideas and beliefs to rebuild you can take time but you have to give space for it to be true.

Commit to Healing Work

There is a reason to believe you can change and will heal from addiction. It will not happen overnight and is a process of healing the mind as well as the body. The mind needs time to adapt to thinking in new ways and patterns. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is one method people use which is effective in some cases in healing trauma from the past. The brain holds the key for so much trauma work that they are focusing on how to treat people with trauma so they can clear out the issues and heal them. The approach allows a therapist to bring improvement in short periods of time. EMDR takes many sessions to work but is helpful for people who stick with it.

Getting Well

If you are worried about how or why you will handle treatment, you should not think twice about the work of therapy. Integration takes a while because it took you time to get where you are right now. You did not walk into this situation overnight and cannot emerge from it without lots of work to unravel the old ideas and ways of being in the world. Your addiction ran your life for a long time, so now you need to unlearn that pattern. The brain does not unravel overnight, it takes time to get to the heart of the issues facing your life and get on the road to healing. Don’t be afraid to confront the challenges of addiction.

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