Why Does Time Management Matter?

Time management is not easy for everybody. Some people struggle with it regardless of whether they are in recovery or not. We all have the same hours each day but it is what you decide to do with those hours that matter. People who find success in life and career are often willing to put their limited time to good use. Investing your time means you engage in activities calculated to bring you meaningful rewards. Find some ways to manage your time better with these helpful tips.

Invest in a System

If you don’t pay attention to what has your attention, it will take more attention than it deserves. If you are spending your time furthering someone else’s agenda, you may struggle to achieve long-term goals. Many people end up with lots of tasks on their plate and multitask but never pause to measure the significance of our daily input versus output. A system is focused on:

  • What you are working on at the moment
  • Where you are multitasking or spending your time
  • Pursuing more does not equal accomplishment
  • Streamlining processes
  • Breaking your work time into short, focused bursts
  • Make progress on your work in spite of other reactive tasks demanding attention
Build Stronger Relationships

We are wired for connection with other humans. As with most things in life, it comes from building relationships. The key to long-term happiness and fulfillment comes down to the quality of relationships. Think about the last time you invested in your relationships and how much time you put into them. The benefits of having strong long-term relationships are greater than the immediate pleasure of hanging out with others just to spend time. Look to create bonds, not just spend time with people.

Why it Matters

There are myriad ways to practice time management skills. The main goal is to realize the more time you invest and resources you cultivate, the more your time management skills will improve how you work, think, relate to others, and deal with recovery. If you neglect to manage your time wisely, you could put relationships on the back burner, not do your best at work, and ultimately even let your recovery suffer. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. You are your own greatest asset. A better investment of your life can return in the form of a healthy marriage, circle of good friends, successful career, and a legacy and recovery you are proud to say you worked hard to create for yourself.

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