Why Entrepreneurs Struggle with Addiction More Than Other Professionals

Entrepreneurs work hard to build their business and help other people in the company grow. Obsessive-compulsive work habits can develop quickly into addiction because it is impossible to get it all done. There is no way to do all that needs doing on a daily basis. Even with employees, there is always more to be done. Addictive personalities struggle harder than some might, but it is also a matter of the brain being tricked into thinking more work means more pleasure, more reward, then recircuits the same thing over again. Find out why entrepreneurs struggle and how to offer support.

Letting Go of Blame

It is easy for people to blame others and not assign blame to themselves. If it is always someone else’s fault they’re working more hours or doing more than they should, it is easier to keep justifying the work. Addiction is not always about work, but it may be alcoholism or drug use as a means of escaping from work. Blaming others for using substances will only keep a person trapped. Entrepreneurs are used to delegating roles and sometimes they go a step too far and delegate out this role of blame.


It is easy to assign blame to genetics rather than think about what you can control. Entrepreneurs may have a certain driven mindset, but they also like to be in control. To let go of control, it is important to focus on giving yourself permission to let go of what is not yours. Focusing so much on what you control keeps you locked into the addiction, no matter what it is. Addiction is about thinking you hold all the cards in your hand and not being willing to release control.

Finding Hope

The healing that comes from noticing that you don’t have all the answers can feel scary at first. Entrepreneurs are used to being drivers and pushing themselves. This means pushing their personal agendas and making it known they are in charge. The thing with being in charge is addiction is the driver, you are in the backseat. To move forward with your journey of healing means you are not going to be in control. You have to give up the idea you have control of your situation and can let others in to help you. To really find hope and healing in recovery, entrepreneurs can:

  • Ask for help from trained specialists who understand the entrepreneur mindset
  • Seek support for addiction from friends and family (and colleagues)
  • Find recovery groups that support healing from addiction
  • Exercise and pursue other hobbies outside work that take them away from the grind

The idea of finding healing in recovery from addiction means not letting go of a business, per se, but maybe letting go of the idea life has to look a certain way. Life is not just about working, stress, burnout, and all the factors that may play into substance abuse. There is another way forward with the right help.

The Last Resort provides a safe, supportive environment for men in a retreat-like setting. Nature is an important component of recovery and healing. We strive to provide a place of enrichment that cultivates the inner as well as the outer journey of recovery. However you find your way to the Last Resort, we endeavor to provide a haven where you can journey through recovery feeling like your life and story have meaning and a purpose. Call us to find out more: 512-750-6750.