Why Fitspiration Can Ruin Recovery Goals (and What to Do Instead)

If you haven’t heard of it yet, there is a new trend going around, fueled by social media, around exercise and ‘clean living.’ This popular trend is played up by lifestyle coaches, gurus, and marketers who want to sell products and fitness as a business model for guys to live by. This is also true for women, but men are falling into the trap of ‘fitspo’ or fitspiration, more than ever. The truth is it can derail your recovery when you spend so much time focused on what other people think you should be doing to stay fit. Learn more about this growing trend and how to stay focused on your recovery goals, instead.

What is Fitspiration

Fitspiration comes from the term ‘fitness inspiration’ or feeling inspired by others to do the same for yourself. It centers mostly around fitness, health, and wellness, fueled by people on social media who are influencers trying to get you to adopt healthier lifestyle choices. The more time people, especially men, spend browsing these posts, the less they tend to focus on what works for them and, instead, see what is working for others and try to make it fit into their lifestyle. This can fuel a stream of negative thinking about yourself and how you see yourself in recovery.

Social Media as Motivation

Even if your friends share things on social media, it can feel like it takes you away from your personal goals. When you start following people you don’t even know, it can feel less inspiring and more antagonizing. It is almost as if they are taunting you with their physical health and wellness, which may be carefully marketed. If you are looking for motivation, you should be thinking about your personal recovery rather than looking at images and videos of other people who don’t even know you or your story. While it may seem motivating for a time, people typically do better when they are seeing others they know and care about modeling healthy behavior than those they do not know. There is a lot of mis-information about fitness, wellness, and overall health that it can take away from your recovery. Don’t be fooled by everything you see online.

Find Healing

Healing in recovery comes in many shapes and forms. The main thing is not to be distracted by what others are doing or what they think you should be doing or not doing. People who say they are fitness gurus do not always have credentials behind their names to back up their claims. Some make false claims because people do not do their research or they are speaking half truths. Dietary advice is the same way. If you are seeking healing in recovery, you need to listen to the people closest to you, who know your recovery story, and experts who are in line to help you sort through the myriad emotions and physical sensations you experience in recovery. It may be best to focus your attention there for fitspiration and keep the rest to a minimum for the sake of your personal recovery.

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