Why Hookah Smoking May Be More Dangerous Than People Think

Toxic substances are in hookahs, as much as they are in cigarettes, and other types of smoking devices like e-cigarettes. People’s lungs are not meant to take in toxic chemicals, carcinogens, and other dangerous particles. Even though people like how it feels at the moment and it is a social event, hookah smoking can actually be dangerous, even addictive. Find out what the risks may be and how to help a loved one who may struggle with addiction.

What Are Hookahs

Hookahs are used for smoking in a larger group but can be used individually. They are found in lounges, smoke shops, and other special places. The idea is that the hookah delivers nicotine in higher doses with water in the device filtering (supposedly) chemicals out. It actually does not filter as much as people think. It may produce more particles than other forms of smoking.

Chemicals in Hookahs

A big myth about hookah use is the filtering of chemicals with water in the hookah. Most of the gases and particles actually are more toxic than people think. One pull from a hookah pipe delivers substances into the lungs that is more than just one cigarette. A lot of toxins are in the substance that comes straight into the lungs. Nicotine ingestion can lead to addiction. There is something called ‘ultrafine particles,’ a hazardous substance that is in hookahs. The small particles are tiny enough to reach parts of the pulmonary system that larger particles cannot reach. There is some research to suggest it may cross the blood-brain barrier. The smokers have been found to be exposed to a higher quantity of these fine particles within the first 10 minutes compared to the rest of the time.

Addictive Properties

One of the biggest things about hookahs is that people consider them non-addiction. Many hookah blends are lower in nicotine than cigarettes, but there are studies that have found that people may use hookahs and get more exposure to smoke. People sit around the water pipe for longer than 30 minutes at a time, often for several hours. When people sit around smoking for hours at a time, they also expose themselves to second-hand smoke for all that time. The blend of chemicals is a complicated mix that can lead to addictive behaviors. A person who uses the hookah may become dependent on relaxing, the social interaction, and also the drugs themselves. Nicotine is addictive and a lot of work has been done to try and help people kick the habit. There may be many factors to consider when thinking about quitting drugs like hookah. Contacting a qualified treatment center for an assessment may be the best bet for people with addiction.

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