Why is Fitness Important for Men’s Aftercare Programs?

People do not think about their fitness level when doing drugs or drinking with friends. They are typically focused on their addiction and dependence when it gets to that point. Physical, spiritual, and emotional health are on the sidelines while they deal with all this. What people do not realize is that a loved one with addiction sacrifices their health for the sake of addiction. Physical fitness in recovery is really important to aid in recovery from withdrawal symptoms and support overall good habits going forward. Find out why men need to consider physical fitness as part of their health goals after rehab and how to incorporate it into their lifestyle.

Why Fitness Matters

Addiction treatment that is holistic focuses on the entire person. Not only can the person let go of cravings and triggers that keep them stuck in an addiction mindset, but their bodies have time to heal. Physical fitness, whether it is walking, hiking, biking, basketball, yoga, or some other activity can help them feel better and stay engaged in treatment. Many men, in particular, are driven by physical desires to move, have physical experiences like being in nature, and to let out frustrations and anxiety through physical activities like sports. Addressing addiction head on by incorporating physical fitness can help a person deal with stressful situations and improve their mental capacity to cope with depression or other issues they face.

Fitness for Recovery

Fitness in recovery will look different for every person. There are a variety of options to discuss with treatment providers, but it depends on the types of activities that interest an individual. The best activities are those that take the mind off what is happening in treatment for the moment and focus on relieving stress. It is hard to do with so much at stake and with all the body and mind are going through. A holistic treatment program can offer a variety of activities that may include:

  • Natural environment for hiking, jogging, walking or other activities
  • State of the art fitness programs
  • Nutritional programs designed for the individual by trained staff
  • Stables for equine therapy
  • Swimming pool or sports court for physical activities

How often a person exercises depends on their individual program. Holistic rehab facilities make it easier to explore fitness programs to provide continuity of care until a person leaves. At that time, it will be helpful to evaluate what worked well and try to incorporate it into a holistic aftercare program. At least 30 minutes of exercise each day can help a person stay healthy and focused on overall fitness goals, even if they are not doing hard workouts each day. Just walking or practicing mindfulness activities like yoga can help a person’s mind, body, and spirit stay healthy.

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