Why is Heroin Use on the Rise Among Younger Men?

Men are not the only people abusing heroin. Unfortunately, women are also using the drug more often. Heroin abuse is targeting men, which is concerning to many people trying to help loved ones struggling with addiction. Heroin use is nothing new, but the people who are using it and where they are finding the drugs have all changed with the black market moving online. Find out why heroin use is rising among men and how to help a loved one navigate this challenge head-on.

How Heroin Works

Heroin is basically an opioid which comes from morphine. Heroin can be white or brownish powder. It is also sold as black tar heroin which appears as a black, sticky substance. Abusers of the drug may inject, smoke, or snort the drug. The dangers people face include transmittal of diseases, infections, health complications or other issues related to drug use including mental health complications. Feeling that rush of using the drug can go away with time as the body gets increasingly used to it, and the flow of dopamine disappears.

Use Changes

When a different demographic suddenly begin changing how they use drugs, there is more discussion on what shifted. On the rise for decades, heroin use is now claiming men’s lives with increasing regularity. Overdoses have quadrupled since 2010. Men are more afflicted because they are buying more of the drug than in the past. Some of the changes to why men are buying heroin start with understanding the prescription opioid drug crisis. Prescription opioids fuel the growing rates of heroin abuse. Prescription opioids impact the brain in a similar way to heroin, including how addictive they can be. Prescription painkillers have skyrocketed, but get expensive. People who get hooked to it look for a cheaper alternative. Heroin becomes that alternative for those seeking a less expensive version with some of the same effects.

Stigma Lessened

People do not see heroin use as stigmatizing as it once was decades ago. Because heroin is seen widely as more available than some drugs, and as much as prescription opioids, heroin use seems more socially acceptable among rural and suburban white young men, especially. It is affecting people of all demographics but the stigma is lower and that means people think it is okay to use it, regardless of the impact. Getting help for heroin use is difficult because a person has to recognize the need for help. If a person uses heroin, they should let go of shame and work in rehab to figure out how to navigate the challenge of addiction better. Inpatient drug rehab is a great choice with a variety of programs offered. Nature-based programs can be healthy for men and provide a sense of adventure. Detox will be necessarily followed by rehab then recovery. It is a long road but worth the journey to figure out how to feel healthy and alive again without drugs.

When trying to navigate rehab, we can support your journey if you join the Last Resort. We serve men of all demographics, regardless of background or age. We are here to help you find healing in recovery. Call us to find out more: 512-750-6750.