Why is Men’s Only Treatment Helpful Long Term?

Addiction impacts women and men differently. Those differences are only now being noticed for how challenging they are to overcome. Men and women often attend treatment for gender-specific programs that focus on their needs and try to meet them where they are at in their journey. Men’s only treatment programs can be helpful for many reasons. Find out why men might choose this option and why it can be supportive of their recovery.

Anger and Aggression

Men who attend rehab for addiction may act out physically or verbally, with aggressive movements or behavior and angry attitudes. This lashing out can be triggering for women who may have experienced past trauma, neglect, or abuse that they are working through. Some men might even drink to suppress their anger while trying to figure some of the things out they are feeling. Giving up those coping mechanisms may trigger feelings to erupt. Working through these feelings in a non-judgmental space is key. Women who are in rehab with them may feel judgmental of their attitudes and find it difficult to navigate a healthy recovery as a result.

Mental Health

The mental health needs of men with addiction are varied, including depression and anxiety. Their brains need time to adjust to sober living. Depression and mental health issues can be the reason for doing drugs in the first place. Higher risk men also have lost their wives in the past year, so grief and trauma play a role in why men end up in rehab for addiction issues. An advantage of a man’s experience during substance abuse treatment is building relationships with other men. Mental health improves when men share with other men what they are experiencing and they are allowed to be vulnerable. Men who feel safe discussing these issues often need an environment that feels safe, non-judgmental, and feel like they can focus on what’s important in recovery.

Sober Living

Men who live in sober living homes often find the structure helps them piece their lives together. To continue in an environment that supports detox and residential treatment for up to 90 days, men can transition back without relapsing more easily than if they landed down into their old lives and tried to make it work too quickly. Recovery is a lifelong journey people need to travel on in their own way, but sober living helps them find community and a hope. Men who live in sober housing often feel they can navigate the stresses of life easier, including relationships, family issues, old haunts, and other triggers. They are more likely to feel empowered if they can get away from the environment for a time and rediscover themselves. Community is not just what you build in rehab. It continues long into recovery with relationships that are meaningful and profound. Therapeutic effects can be long-lasting to the point they facilitate sober living when they are provided along the way from rehab to aftercare to sober living and beyond. Finding healing in recovery takes time but it is the hope of a better tomorrow that Furthermore, this study demonstrates the effect relationships can have on others. A substance abuse treatment center can put men in touch with a group of peers who have the same types of experiences, which can function as a pseudo-family and have long-lasting therapeutic effects. In fact, these therapeutic effects can be so long-lasting that it facilitates sober living.

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