Why “Keeping it Relevant” Might Be the Best Thing for Your Recovery

When people talk about ‘keeping it real,’ they are focusing on what real means for them. It is a weird term, because everyone seems to be trying to keep it real in some regard. Relevance is not about staying in one spot, it is about growth and opportunity. It means creating something for yourself and others to have in the future. Whether it is creating at work or creating a better life, perhaps keeping it ‘relevant’ is better for recovery than trying to keep it ‘real’.

How to Stay Relevant

Relevance is a relative term that changes and shifts over time. The main reason is that as the world changes, people must change with it to stay up with the times. When you think about relevance in recovery, you can think about it in myriad ways:

  • Stay relevant to your friends and family: staying connected to them will help your recovery. The way you stay relevant is by staying engaged with them in recovery and sharing the journey. Spend time with them, share hobbies, and talk about what you are working on so you stay connected
  • Stay relevant to yourself: don’t stagnate in recovery. The surest way to relapse is to get comfortable and not see something coming you did not expect that knocks you for a loop. Staying relevant for yourself means going to meetings, going to rehab, going wherever you need to that helps you focus on the process and journey of recovery
  • Be aware of the pitfalls: don’t be a sucker and assume you can walk into a room full of alcohol when you have been sober, no matter for how long. You can be relevant to your own sobriety by not placing yourself where you know triggers and cravings can kick up. This looks different for different people so just focus on your own recovery and don’t worry about anyone else
  • Create space for healing: when you create space for the journey of recovery, you will always stay relevant to yourself. Be honest when you look at your journey and think about what you need to do to keep growing. There is always room for growth and opportunities to change. You are an ever-evolving creature who deserves time and respect to figure things out. Make sure you practice self-care to keep yourself moving forward

To stay relevant in a world that wants to put people in boxes is difficult. Even in recovery, there are boxes people get into and it makes it hard to grow. Staying relevant means not spending time or energy doing other things. We must be strategic about how we do things and work at it daily. Never take it for granted. Recovery is a gift that requires cultivation each and every day.

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