Why Should Men Join an Alumni Rehab Group in Recovery?

Addiction treatment can be overwhelming. Beginning with medical detox, many people end up at inpatient or intensive outpatient (IOP) spaces which will allow them room to heal from addiction. The journey is never complete, but at least it is a good start on the road. The reason men should join an alumni rehab group after treatment vary, but they may consider the options if they understand what it is, why people join, and how it can support their recovery.

Alumni Groups

Treatment is only the beginning of the journey. Rehab alumni groups are a way to stay connected with the power of rehab and develop space to heal. By providing people a space to call ‘home,’ it offers a safety net those first few weeks and months after rehab. Rehab alumni groups develop activities to have fun and share community. It brings people together who share the experience of addiction and want to continue growing their support system. Every month, or even weekly, meetings may take place that can help individuals find hope in the face of recovery. Accountability is also a key factor in these groups, which provides consistency and routine. This immensely helps people early on as they develop new muscles for the journey.

Benefits of Membership

Although it seems there are never-ending options for joining forces with those who struggle in recovery, alumni groups offer a unique set of benefits not found elsewhere. It helps to understand what they do and assess the benefits to see if it is a good fit. Here are just a few:

  • Community life: nobody should do recovery alone. Even if a person has lost touch with their family over addiction, rehab is a chance to start over. Nobody will care what about the past was as long as the person is willing to the work of letting things go to heal in recovery. By bonding with others in a similar situation, it can bring hope to what feels like a darkened future. Many people have no sober association prior to treatment. With access to these, it becomes a safe place to build community with others in active recovery
  • Maintain connection: a point of contact in treatment and help people feel safe during their transition back to real life. With someone to call, follow up with them, and keep them accountable, it is less likely they will relapse or go back to old, negative habits and thought patterns.
  • Leisure bonding: when people enter recovery, the whole process can feel heavy. Rehab alumni groups are there to support leisure, fun and finding joy at the moment. Recovery may feel heavy-laden, but there is hope for new things to grow. Rehab alumni groups will plan activities and all are welcome to attend for some sober fun

Everyone needs extra support in recovery. There is a need to find hope and healing at the end of rehab because it is such a difficult experience. Treatment is just the first of many steps on a journey. The commitment to move forward rests in knowing people are there for sober support, no matter what.

The Last Resort believes in the power of alumni support after rehab. We work to build rapport with every individual and encourage them to find community amongst each other. Rehab and recovery are challenging but we believe community matters. Find out how we can help you find support for the journey of recovery. Call us to find out more: 512-750-6750.