Young Men Are Looking After Their Health: Here’s Why

Younger men are spending more on health and wellness than at any other time in history. Millennials, between the ages of 21 to 36 year of age, are generally in the best health of anyone in their generation and are insured at a higher rate than others. Behavioral health and mental health challenges still plague them with depression and substance use disorder ranker higher than others. Learn more about why young men are looking to take care of their health now more than ever.

Health a Priority

Research shows that Americans are feeling healthier and happier than other generations before, in spite of higher rates of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. These conditions are driven by stress factors in the environment, including political climate, financial concerns, and social media. Part of depression rates going up may be that they address them more frequently and seek more help for these issues, therefore driving rates up.

Seeking Help

More than ever in the past, young men are seeking help for addiction and mental health conditions. They are realizing all the means by which to seek help are available to them and they desire to get well and live longer, healthier lives. The main focus for younger people and their health includes:

  • Eating healthy
  • Exercising
  • Taking more vacations
  • Getting away from long work hours in the office or doing more co-working spaces to mix up their work environment
  • Planning for financial futures earlier
  • Seeking therapy and counseling for addiction and mental health disorders

The healthcare community is recognizing the need to support young people so they get the necessary help for addiction. Men are also taking the bull by the horns and asking for what they need rather than keeping issues they have to themselves. Workplace productivity is going up and men are realizing they can do their part to stay healthy longer if they seek help for their substance use disorders now to save on costs in the future. They also realize they are more likely to work longer and have better careers if they stop drinking or using drugs now versus wait until they are older. In other words, young men are seeking healthier options earlier and finding peace with that decision.

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