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The Last Resort Recovery Center - Where Men Recover!

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Where Men Recover in Austin Texas From Drugs and Alcohol

Welcome! If drugs or alcohol have you seeking help for a loved one or for yourself we understand; but what’s more important, we have a message of real hope. The Last Resort was founded especially for men who’ve not been successful with, or are searching for an effective alternative to, traditional addiction treatment programs. Our men come to us in need of one thing: recovery – and that’s what we’re dedicated to providing them.

At The Last Resort we’ve designed an evidence-based addiction treatment program that gives men the hands-on experience of living a recovered life one day at a time from drugs and alcohol. Our Immersion Model supports a new paradigm shift in addiction treatment delivery that has excited a growing number of addiction professionals as well as recovered men and women from around the country. Our beautiful Central Texas ranch is affords a retreat-like setting that encourages healing while our affordable pricing often proves less costly than traditional drug and alcohol treatment models.

Please take a moment to read who we are and what we do. We’re committed to the men we serve and to the families that love them. We know they can be restored to the sons and fathers they once were and need to be again.

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At The Last Resort Recovery you'll find the best alcohol and drug rehab center for Dallas, Houston, Austin, all regions of Texas, and serving patients nationally.

Evidence Based - Drug Treatment

A growing body of scientific research is changing the way men receive services for alcohol and other drug addictions.

At The Last Resort Recovery in Austin, Texas, we’ve incorporated changes into the program design of our fully licensed facility, assuring that men receive all the necessary addiction treatment to build a fulfilling life in recovery.

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True 12-Step Addiction Program

Most alcohol and drug treatment centers label themselves “12 step based,”

But the sad reality is that, all too often, their clients receive very little exposure to or experience of the life changing principles embedded in the original 12 Steps. Those principles are often the very thing a man has missed if he has had previous recovery failures.

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Testimonials - Alumni and Family

"Since leaving the Last Resort Recovery in Texas, I moved into a sober home in Austin and have begun to live my life based on the spiritual principles I learned through treatment.

With a new sense of freedom I’ve focused on my moment-to-moment experiences while forming new connections with other people in sobriety.

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Seeking Help for A Loved One?

Father Seeking Help For Son

How can I get the help I need for my son? If you’re a father that’s looking for the help you need to raise a healthy and strong son, it can be hard to know how best to talk to your son. It gets especially complicated when drugs are involved.

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Mother Seeking Help for Son

What can I do, as a mother, if my son is addicted to drugs or alcohol? This is a question that tragically millions of mothers have to deal with. There are way too many sons out there who struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol.

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Texas College Rehab Program

What can I do to combat college drug addiction? When you’re struggling with drug addiction around college time, then you know how difficult it is to overcome. College seems to be an environment specifically tailored to encourage drug abuse.

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On-Site Equine Therapy For Addiction Treatment in Texas

Man and horse have formed a unique spiritual bond that stretches back thousands of years. Horse and rider join to become one. But only recently have scientists proved in their social laboratories what tribal societies have intuitively known for thousands of years: that the spirit of the horse connects with the spirit of man at some of the deepest of levels of his soul.

Men recovering from the ravages of drug or alcohol addiction find themselves isolated both socially and spiritually. Often, they have estranged themselves not only from their families and friends, but also from some of the deepest parts of themselves. And this is where research is proving equine sessions to be so effective a tool. In fact, it has now become a recognized “best practice” within the field of addiction recovery. And like many other effective recovery tools, The Last Resort is taking this and other “best practices” to new levels of excellence.

The Last Resort Recovery Men’s Addiction Treatment & Rehab Program in Austin, TX

The Last Resort Recovery Center is your top choice for men’s rehab in Texas. Last Resort Recovery stands apart as the best alcohol and drug rehab center for Dallas, Houston, Austin, all regions of Texas, and serving patients nationally. For your son who’s struggling with drug addiction, for your father or brother trying to recover from alcoholism, for college students who find their grades slipping and need to get their lives back on track—Last Resort Recovery is the right fit for men who need to make a change in their lives.

Our treatment programs drive successful sobriety even for those who have relapsed after multiple visits to other facilities. Are you looking for the best in drug or alcohol rehab in Austin, TX? Last Resort Recovery offers rehab care that goes far beyond the competition in a longer term program to minimize the potential for relapse. While serving all ages in our men’s program, there’s also no better choice for college students at University of Texas (including UT-Austin), Texas A&M, University of Houston, or University of North Texas. Call Last Resort Recovery now, the premier men’s rehab center in Austin, TX, and find out what sets us apart as the best in our addiction treatment approach.