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Drug & Alcohol
Rehabilitation for Men

The Last Resort Recovery (TLR) is a specialized rehab for men that is designed to foster a true experience of brotherhood and healing among our clients. We understand that addiction doesn’t exist in a vacuum, which is why our men’s rehab is designed to address addiction as well as any underlying and comorbid issues such as trauma/PTSD and mental health diagnosis (anxiety, depression, ADD, etc.). By building new, healthy habits and support structures, we have an incredible track record of helping men overcome their addictions and find true peace.

"As I post this I am 539 Days into sobriety and I would never have thought it was possible without the tools bestowed upon me at TLR - I came in ALONE and left with GOD and a new chance on life."
- Brandon

"These guys are some of the best in the state when it comes to real, raw recovery. Don’t hesitate to get yourself or a loved one over to TLR. They produce miracles daily."
- Cameron

Our Process, Your Recovery

Verify Your Insurance

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, contact The Last Resort to verify your insurance. Our admission counselors will schedule an interview to get to know you better and determine the proper treatment and level of care for you.

Personalized Plan

Once admitted to our recovery center, you’ll follow a personalized plan that includes evidence-based treatments, such as medical detox, group therapy, and fitness programs, that will help you overcome alcohol addiction and achieve sobriety.

Continued Care

After you’ve completed your stay at our center, we encourage you to participate in continuing care, such as transitional living facilities, sober houses, or support groups, that can help you sustain sobriety and prevent relapse after treatment.

Equine Therapy Program

Equine therapy or horse-assisted therapy is a revolutionary treatment that has helped many of our clients forge new, healthy relationships. By creating a positive connection with these gentle giants, our men learn how to trust, communicate, and build positive bonds. We have 20 horses on-site at our ranch and expert staff that are trained and experienced in equine-assisted therapy. Our guided therapy sessions are designed to get the most out of the program, including ground and mounted work where our men get a horse of their own to ride and develop healthy bonds.

Recover at Our Beautiful 55 Acre Ranch

Find the Beauty in Nature, Discover the Beauty in Yourself

Nature has a calming, soothing effect that provides the perfect environment for reflection and healing. Research shows that being in nature has a profound impact on our brains and behavior by helping to reduce anxiety, brooding, and stress, while increasing attention capacity, creativity, and the ability to connect with other people.

What Our Recovered Gentlemen Say

this is a place that helps guide a man to see the root of his problem, and then helps him learn the solution to that problem. it’s not a secret sauce, you find this information at any local aa meeting place, but I needed to be physically separated from alcohol and was lucky enough to be in a setting where, if I wanted to RECOVER, I could! and this happens on a beautiful property with great food and HORSES!

Robert A.

The Last Resort is definitely towards the top of the list of treatment centers for men in Texas. I’m grateful for the experience I had there, and would recommend any man serious about kickstarting his recovery to seek treatment at TLR if possible. It’s not a walk in the park or a vacation kind of treatment center. However, the camaraderie with like minded men struggling with similar issues and the overall fellowship make the experience very special and often enjoyable. Simply, TLR does a great  job providing a solid foundation on which men can begin to build new, sober lives.

Andrew C.

My experience at The Last Resort changed my life two years ago.  I’m truly grateful for the facility, counselors, recovery specialists, nurses, and entire leadership and staff for their commitment to helping men in their journey to recovery.  Almost the entire staff were also in recovery when I was there, so I always felt that everyone I encountered knew exactly what I was going through. Their equine therapy and group therapy, combined with the deepest study of the Big Book I had ever found in my 7 years of struggling with relapse, helped me to make recovery a lifestyle instead of just something I go to meetings for.  Since being there, though it took time, my spiritual life has been reinvigorated, my marriage and fatherhood to my daughter has flourished, and my career has been energized. God willing, I will never have to go back as a client, but I will never miss their annual reunion BBQ’s.  I would recommend The Last Resort to anyone ready to begin a serious road to recovery.

Derek D.