About Corbin Bigheart

Born and raised in Enid, Oklahoma and a proud graduate of the University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner!), Corbin discovered his own recovery from substance use disorder in 2015. Corbin began his journey at The Last Resort in 2016 and has served in executive and leadership capacities at TLR since 2018. During this period, he became a licensed chemical dependency counselor-intern and completed a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration.

Corbin’s leadership experience, combined with his own personal recovery and education, has given him opportunities to speak and educate other professionals, families, and other sufferers on topics related to addiction, recovery, suicide prevention, the efficacy of 12 step facilitation therapy, relapse (of which he also has his own personal experience), healthcare provider specific addiction education, and a number of other topics that he and TLR find critical to improving our collective approach to treating addiction. Corbin is also extremely passionate about using data to better understand our approach, our clients, our impact, and applying this information to improve our efficacy and treatment outcomes.

“I have devoted my life to the treatment of addiction, and there is not a better place to live out that purpose than The Last Resort. Our people, our treatment philosophy, and our commitment to client-centered and “client first” care make TLR a dream destination for me and fellow sufferers alike.”