About Maria Garza

Born in Houston, Texas, Maria moved to Smithville during her first-grade year. With a passion for helping others, Maria has been in the medical field for 10 years. Starting as a CNA and then a Med aide, she is now an LVN working towards becoming an RN. Maria loves her job, and working at The Last Resort has shown her the beauty of a healthy culture and loving work environment. Maria is grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact in others’ lives and looks forward to continuing her growth in the industry. “The teamwork and dedication of everyone there to help the clients is truly admirable, especially in a field like nursing where it can be hectic at times.” She is also a stellar mom!
Maria’s leadership skills and dedication to providing high-quality care have had a lasting impact on the clients and staff. Maria is a role model to many and is always striving to improve the overall experience of those in our care. Her passion for nursing, combined with her strong work ethic, makes her an integral part of The Last Resort’s mission to support those on the road to recovery.