About Mike

Michael Smeltzer was born and raised in Austin, Texas. As a teenager, Michael was introduced to drugs and alcohol and began drinking and using regularly. He noticed early on that his reaction to substances was abnormal. Like many addicts, he began to isolate, his relationships were strained, and his self-esteem plummeted. While studying business at Texas State University, his addiction reached the point of unmanageability.

Fortunately, Michael was introduced to a simple program of action that allowed him to rebuild his life. His personal recovery has given him the opportunity to take an interest in executive leadership and spiritual philosophy. After several years of learning and growing as an executive in the behavioral healthcare industry, he has returned to the treatment center that he calls home.

At The Last Resort, Michael uses his experience to encourage and inspire the next generation of recovering addicts and alcoholics. He considers it an honor and a privilege to pass along the essential tools, strategies, and attitudes that shaped his own journey in recovery.