About Stephen Meraz

Stephen grew up in Friendswood, a small town outside of Houston, Texas. He married his junior high school sweetheart 19 years ago and they have a 9-year-old son. Stephen is a man in recovery and sobered up through treatment. He has been to treatment 3 separate times over the past 15 years. Before going to treatment, he was deep into drugs and alcohol. Stephen grew up in the church, but his lifestyle did not line up with his beliefs which caused deep shame and internal conflict. Unaware at the time, he was causing immense pain and suffering to his family, the ones that he loved the most. He found himself unable to stop drinking and using even when the consequences were extremely severe. Faced with the prospect of state jail he conceded to residential treatment. He was introduced to the 12 steps and through this process of trusting God, cleaning house, and helping others, he gained access to the power of God and was set free from the merciless obsession of addiction. Through the 12 steps Stephen was brought full circle to his biblical beliefs that he is now free to live in line with.

Becoming a new man with new affections, desires, and purpose, Stephen wanted to devote his life to helping others with alcohol and drug addiction. He has gone to school and has obtained an LCDC-I and is on track to continue his education in this field.