The Last Resort Admissions

If you’re ready to take the next step in your recovery process and want to begin treatment with The Last Resort, our admissions specialists are available to talk through all your options with you.

Our Admissions Process

If you’re ready to take the next step in your recovery process and want to begin treatment, our admissions specialists are available to talk through all your options with you. Our admissions specialists treat each call with compassion, understanding and respect with strict adherence to confidentiality. 

We will listen to your situation and help guide you through what is needed to join our program or reach another program. If we determine you are appropriate for one of our programs we will proceed with an intake assessment and schedule an arrival date. In many cases this  can happen within 1-2 days from the first call. 

New men arrive every day on our campus and we facilitate all logistics from the first call through arrival including interventions, consulting families, travel arrangements, packing list and insurance verification. 

What if My Loved One Doesn’t Want to Go to Treatment?

An intervention is one of the most successful ways to get your loved one to enter treatment when they are resistant to help. At The Last Resort Recovery Center, we can provide resources for interventionists specializing in men’s drug and alcohol interventions. These professionals are trained to help guide the family through the intervention process so their loved one can get the help they need.

Call today for more information on our Austin drug and alcohol intervention services and help your loved one find freedom!

Are You Worried About Losing Your Job While Getting Treatment?

Individuals struggling with addiction often hesitate to seek professional help due to the fear of losing their job or creating damage to their careers. At The Last Resort Recovery Center, we work with various Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) in Austin and surrounding areas. EAP is a free and confidential program employers offer to help individuals find mental health and substance abuse services. 

For example, an EAP in Texas will help you or your loved one find treatment, complete the required FMLA paperwork, and assist them with the return to work process. The Last Resort works closely with these professionals to help you protect both your job and your reputation while you get the addiction treatment you deserve. 

Don’t let fear of losing your job keep you from getting help. Call The Last Resort today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Length of stay varies from 45-90 days depending on individual needs and addiction history. 

Yes, we are in-network with several insurance providers. Fill out our form here to verify benefits within an hour. 

Both San Antonio, TX (SAT) and Austin, TX (AUS) are good options. If you need to fly into a different airport or plan on driving, call our admissions team to help arrange logistics. 

You need to be stable for detox when you arrive. Typically clients who need to detox have allowed 24-48 hours between use and arrival. It is important to consider the accidental overdoses that have occurred in this manner right before treatment. 

Yes, we search belongings for illicit substances and harmful items to ensure the safety of our clients and community. 

If you’re ready to get help, we’re here for you. The Last Resort Recovery is your destination for proven men’s-only addiction treatment.