For most individuals seeking recovery in a treatment setting, the transition from residential treatment into independent living can be very challenging. All too often, people struggle to make this adjustment on their own and find themselves relapsing into old behaviors. At The Last Resort, we understand just how pivotal ongoing clinical and recovery-oriented support is during this period in order to help each individual adjust to their new way of living. Through offering a full continuum of care, we ensure that each individual continues to build upon the foundation they’ve created in a residential setting. Our Intensive Outpatient Program is designed to offer the appropriate level of clinical care and structure for all individuals as they continue down their path to recovery.

The services in our Intensive Outpatient Program are created, managed, and delivered by licensed addiction professionals. All individuals engaging in this program will receive a minimum of 10 clinical service hours per week for the appropriate period of time-based upon individual needs. Very much like in our residential setting we blend evidence-based clinical approaches, 12 step recovery principles, and experiential therapeutic modalities to ensure we are able to deliver individualized care and meet the needs of every individual engaging in our program.

A combination of group and individual therapy lays the framework for our Intensive Outpatient Program. Every participant will attend group counseling three times a week and individual therapy once weekly.  All of our services at this level of care are offered during the day, in the evening hours, and on weekends. Engaging in treatment in this capacity allows each individual the flexibility to continue everyday activities such as parenting, work, and school.


Group Therapy

All participants are required to attend three, 3-hour group therapy sessions a week. Group therapy programming is designed to implement a sense of structure, community, accountability, and continued growth and healing for every participating individual.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions are provided once weekly for all clients in Intensive Outpatient. Individual counseling will afford each person the opportunity to continue addressing their individual needs while focusing on issues related to substance abuse, trauma resolution, anxiety, depression, and the other comorbidities that often accompany addiction. In this therapeutic dynamic, our licensed clinicians will apply one, or a combination of, the following therapeutic approaches.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
  • Mindfulness-Based Therapy
  • Existential Therapy
  • Trauma Resolution Counselling
  • Relapse Prevention Counselling
  • Anxiety Reduction Therapy


Family Therapy

Clients with family members who can participate are encouraged to engage in family therapy sessions when necessary and appropriate. Each family therapy session will be facilitated by a licensed clinician equipped with the skills to help all participating families continue to address unhealthy family dynamics, codependency, and healthy boundary setting.

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

A helpful tool in remaining accountable in recovery, drug screenings will be provided at random throughout the course of treatment. In the event of a lapse back into using patterns, we will be able to identify the issues in a timely manner and ensure the individual is re-engaging in the needed and appropriate level of care.