The Healing Heart Experience for Men

One of our most loved and highly reviewed programs at The Last Resort is our Healing Heart Program. The program facilitates trauma resolution with men in treatment, cultivating freedom, emotional maturity and spiritual development.

A Unique Trauma Resolution Program for Men in Rehab

Under each man’s addiction lies his own past, often deep-seated trauma. Left unresolved, trauma leads to chronic relapse and the inability to connect emotionally or spiritually with oneself or others. For men to obtain long-term sobriety, both the addiction and the trauma must be treated alongside each other.

The Healing Heart Experience was developed at The Last Resort Recovery Center as a rite of passage for men seeking deeper recovery. This unique, 2-day trauma-intensive workshop was designed to follow the same path as The Hero’s Journey – a common narrative found in stories throughout time.

The typical Journey consists of a man setting out on an adventure, overcoming challenges, learning lessons, and returning home a changed man. The Journey mirrors a man’s experience with obtaining sobriety, both the challenges and triumphs, and the end result.

The Healing Heart Experience utilizes experiential trauma resolution therapy to cultivate freedom from trauma and addiction. It enables men to gain emotional maturity while promoting spiritual development. Throughout this journey, the men gain insight and self-awareness about who they are as men outside of their addiction. They pursue a relationship with their own emotions and acquire the skills to communicate them. The men identify a connection between their deep-seated wounds and their life’s purpose. Once more, these men can experience life with a sense of true joy, peace, and fulfillment.

This experience is unique to The Last Resort and gives our clients a set of skills vital to their newfound life in sobriety. Healing from their trauma while connecting with other men on an emotional and spiritual level creates a support system for their recovery that will last long past the completion of treatment at The Last Resort.

Men who go through The Healing Heart Experience can reap the following benefits:

  • Facilitate healing from deep-seated trauma underlying addictive behaviors
  • Cultivate emotional literacy to describe the inner landscape of their emotions
  • Gain insight and self-awareness
  • Improved mindfulness around communication skills
  • Potent technologies around managing relapse triggers
  • Develop strong leadership skills and intervention techniques as they advance to staffing
  • Clarity of life mission / purpose
  • Identify the connection between deep-seated wounds and life-purpose
  • Connect with a sense of true joy, peace and fulfillment

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