man pouring pills in his hand has Prescription Drug Abuse problemHow can I fight against the addiction to prescription medication? Unfortunately, right now one of the most popular, as well as the most deadly, forms of substance abuse is the addiction to prescription medication. Usually, addicts find themselves dependent on substances like OxyContin, Percocet, or Vicodin. Additionally, painkiller addiction doesn’t manifest equally among members of the population. Teens, college students, and young adults are finding themselves addicted to restriction painkillers at higher rates than older generations. And this addiction is exacting a terrible price. But, the good news is that there is a way out. The right prescription drug abuse treatment program at a high-quality painkiller addiction treatment facility can help anyone get clean.

Prescription Drug Abuse Exploding Across Texas

Unfortunately, prescription drug addiction is exploding across Texas. The Houston Chronicle reported, “an examination of death data and interviews from around the state show the pill-popping problem is growing exponentially across Texas.” And, indeed, national statistics show that over half of all fatal drug overdoses involve prescription medication. In Texas, reported the Chronicle, “Deaths by accidental overdoses – including preventable deaths involving prescription drugs – more than doubled from 2000 to 2008, according to the latest statewide death certificates.” A good mens rehab experience near Austin can help prevent more prescription opioid deaths.

How Can Prescription Medication Abuse Be Fought?

What can I do if my son is addicted to prescription pills? When you see your loved one struggling with addiction, it can be difficult to know what to do. But, it’s very important that you help them get the recovery support that they need to overcome addiction. For your son, father, brother, husband, or any other loved one, the right choice for the support they need is quality substance abuse treatment. And you can help them get this support before it’s too late – the abuse of prescription medication has been linked with over half of all fatal drug overdoses in the United States.

One of the best things you can do for the man in your life who is abusing these drugs is to stage an intervention. It’s important to get professional help for this so he doesn’t feel attacked. Additionally, you should have a plan in place when he’s ready to make strides.

Houston Painkiller Addiction Treatment

Painkiller addiction can take hold surprisingly quickly. Even people who receive prescriptions from their doctors can find themselves hooked on these opioid substances. It’s easy to build a tolerance to them and feel like you need more to achieve the same pain-relieving effects. Those who take painkillers without a prescription, and just for the euphoria, often develop an addiction even faster. Often, the only way to overcome prescription pain pill addiction is through prescription drug abuse treatment.

At The Last Resort men’s addiction treatment facility, we offer a number of addiction treatment programs and therapies that give men in the Houston and Austin areas (as well as across the country) a real shot at lifelong sobriety. Going to rehab for painkillers may seem daunting at first, but we offer a welcoming, private atmosphere where you can begin healing.

The Best in Men’s Rehab for Texas

How can I help my teen son, college student, or another young adult in their fight against addiction? Young people are very susceptible to the influence of drug addiction. But when your son is fighting a daily battle against drugs, you can help. The best way to help is to get them the rehab they need. At Last Resort Recovery, we offer the highest quality in painkiller addiction treatment for young adults, teens, college students, and any man who needs to change his life. For Dallas, Houston, Austin, and all of Texas, Last Resort Recovery is your choice for men’s rehab in Texas. Learn more about out relapse reducing treatment program by calling 877-287-0785.