About Amelia Forman

Amelia grew up in South Texas (Victoria) and earned a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University-Kingsville in Criminology with a minor in Psychology. She originally wanted to work with the FBI, profiling serial killers, as she found abnormal psychology and criminal behavior fascinating. While in college, she began treatment for depression and soon realized she had an addiction to alcohol. Amelia then found sobriety through working the 12 Steps of the AA program and has been sober since 2001.

Throughout her life, she has always wanted to work in a career where she could help others. She has worked in the mental health field, working with people who had intellectual disabilities, has worked with the criminal justice system, found her way working in the treatment industry, and has been a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor for 5 years. Passionate about the 12 Steps, she feels like being able to work in a treatment center focused around the 12 Steps is a dream come true, and she loves teaching people how to have fun sober. Some of Amelia’s hobbies include spending time with her son, martial arts, music, arts and crafts, and hanging out with her TLR rescue dog, Lydia the “one-eyed wonder”.