Medical Review Process & Editorial Guidelines

Why Do We Need An Editorial Policy?

Why Do We Need An Editorial Policy?

By instituting a policy, we create a standardized approach to how we create, verify, and distribute all content and resources we produce. An editorial policy helps us ensure that any material our writing and clinical team create, both online and in print, meets or exceeds our standards of integrity and accuracy. 

Our goal is to demonstrate our commitment to education and patient support by creating valuable resources within our realm of expertise, verifying them for accuracy, and providing relevant, respectful, and insightful data to our clients and families.

Our Editorial Process

Relevant Resources

Our men’s recovery center specializes in treating substance use disorders in an environment that fosters healing, brotherhood, and lasting recovery. We’re committed to educating and supporting our client’s recovery journey with relevant, practical, and inspiring content that helps move the needle forward in their progress. 

Experienced and Qualified Contributors

Offering resources written, edited, and vetted by subject matter experts and clinical providers is essential to ensure that all information is factual and helpful. While no piece is intended as direct medical advice, our expert writers, clinicians, and directors share what they know based on experience, training, and cutting-edge research. 

High-Quality Content

Every resource aims to make relevant, sometimes highly technical, information as accessible and digestible as possible. Our materials, articles, and educational tools undergo multiple rounds of review to ensure that only the highest-quality resources are distributed. We want clients and families to have the highest level of confidence in what we publish for clarity and peace of mind.

Welcome To The Last Resort! 

As you browse our resources, we want to hear about any materials that don’t appear to meet these standards. Contact us here and help us ensure that only the highest quality materials are provided on our website.