About Ann and Bill

Bill and Ann have been respected innovators in the alcohol and drug treatment field for over 20 years. Touched by family members and close friends who struggled with alcohol and drug addiction, they recognized that traditional treatment centers were often failing to address underlying emotional and childhood trauma issues that all too often led to relapse among clients.

In response to this unmet need, they founded The Life Healing Center of Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1994. Under their guidance, and with a strong commitment to providing quality care, it combined the latest in successful mental health therapies with traditional 12-Step spiritual support. Life Healing Center soon emerged as the leading residential trauma treatment facility in the country attracting hundreds of referrals from Hazelden, Betty Ford, Caron Foundation, Sierra Tucson, and The Meadows as well as receiving referrals from all fifty states and fifteen foreign countries.

Bill and Ann sold their addiction treatment facility in 2004. Then, with help from their long-time friends, the late Coach Darrell Royal and his wife Edith, they devoted much of the next several years to aiding a struggling Austin non-profit alcohol and drug treatment center. The Center was in danger of closing its doors with the resulting loss of free services that the poor and working families of Central Texas had relied upon since 1967. The Schneiders assisted in re-organizing the board of directors, rallied community support, and helped guide the agency to become one of the most successful community treatment facilities in Texas.

Now Bill and Ann are excited to re-enter the addiction recovery field. They bring their talents for innovation and program quality to an emerging new recovery model that can lead men to the full and fulfilling life in recovery they’ve been searching to find.