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How to Know if You Are Becoming More Spiritually Aware

Written By:

Becky Babb

How to Know if You Are Becoming More Spiritually Aware

Spiritual awakening helps people discover a different perception of the world. Colors are more vivid and life begins to appear through a clear vision of the world. When people realize their connection with everyone and everything, truth begins to emerge. This connection helps build energy and illuminates a higher spiritual pathway. Learn more about how to know if spiritual awakening has happened and what to do to create more awareness.

Spiritual Paths

No matter what spiritual pathways are chosen, in order to be more spiritually aware, it helps to set aside time to strip away everything to find the truth. Everything a person needs is inside of themselves but the fragmentation of the self keeps barriers up to becoming whole and to being. It is this fragmentation that separates people from the spirit and raises spiritual questions that arise, like:

  • What is personal purpose about?
  • Is there anything more to life?
  • Is there something better?
  • Who am I?

Spiritual awareness or spiritual awakening if the process by which people begin to explore their own being to become whole and reunite their spirits with physical bodies in a commonality of purpose.

Being on Spiritual Paths

No matter where a person starts their search, the answers a person seeks has always resided within themselves. In seeking spiritual awareness, there is a process people can follow if they want to try and follow it but it is not about limitations. Simply being present is the key to awareness of spiritual pathways. Discovery is what helps a person become present. Discovering who they are and what they want out of life. Spirit is always within yearning to be given freedom to pursue a deeper purpose in life. It looks different for every person but it is about searching out that which is most important to a person and trying to get clear on goals.


Becoming whole is simple, unique, and others have tried to find the pathway but find it difficult and challenging. A person may choose to take direction, listen to signs, and those of people who have gone before, but helping a person discover truths or struggle and repeat those lessons may be most helpful.

Those in recovery seek wholeness. The addiction has broken them over the years, and they are looking to find a new connection that can help them put their lives back together. The process of becoming spiritually awake aids individuals in finding peace within themselves. They no longer need to look for it from an outside substance, like drugs or alcohol. The peace comes from the spiritual connection from within.


The heart is the biggest factor in developing spiritual awareness. Know thyself and thy own truth. This becomes the truth from which your spirit will speak. Meditate, empower the spirit, and sit by while observing where you are and your body. Observe the mind, body, and essence. The answers are there. Put aside expectations and the spirit can fill the mind and body with love and understanding.

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