236 Heroin Overdoses In 3 Weeks

The Akron Beacon Journal reports on the current OD toll in the city, and the escalation of the problem, tied by authorities to the influx of a powerful elephant sedative in the heroin chain:”From January to June, Akron paramedics responded to about 320 drug overdose calls.In the three weeks between July 5 and July 26, paramedics logged 236.The dramatic spike, from two or fewer per day to 11 or more, is thought to be the result of the introduction of carfentanil to the Akron drug market. The heroin-like drug is so potent it’s used to sedate elephants in zoos.So far this year, 63 people have died of drug overdoses in Akron. Twenty of the deaths can be attributed to the ongoing spike.”To read more about heroin addiction click here.