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Why People Should Consider Wilderness Therapy for Their Loved Ones with Addiction

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Becky Babb

Why People Should Consider Wilderness Therapy for Their Loved Ones with Addiction

Wilderness therapy combines nature experiences, along with some survival techniques, to develop therapy that helps people who struggle with substance use disorders, mental health, and behavior disorders. People who go outdoors focus on their self-improvement and overcome the issue of difficult behaviors and coping mechanisms. The goal is to foster personal and social responsibility while helping them grow and find healing.

How it Works

From the start, assessments are always the best place to begin for people on the journey of recovery. Once an assessment is complete, the treatment team reviews the information and creates a treatment plan to best meet your needs.

People who live in the wilderness and develop life skills are going to be able to work jobs and push themselves in different ways in life than others who have not had similar experiences. Programs vary, but the generally offer a combination of education therapy, nature, survival skills, and other things that support their healing. They also include hiking, camping, and building fires.

Why it Works

Programs are designed for various people to receive some benefit from it. Wilderness therapy programs are for people who experience crises related to substance abuse, mental health disorders, or both. Good candidates for wilderness therapy are those who are willing to do the hard work of being in nature and outdoors and want to address their behavioral issues. People who do well in wilderness training programs have tried conventional therapy and experienced poor results and want to find healing in other ways. They may have not tried anything but know they love nature and want to try this method of healing.

Benefits of Wilderness Therapy

When people do wilderness therapy, they often gain new skills, knowledge, and perspective they did not have before. The goal of rehab is always the same: support someone in finding healing for themselves on the journey. Some of the myriad benefits can include:

  • Self-improvement: completing wilderness therapy to get the satisfaction they have worked on self-improvement and are ready to find healing for their substance use disorder
  • Knowledge: gain skills they did not have, and find support for issues related to relationships, stress, and more. These skills can help them navigate triggers and cravings in recovery, toxic relationships, and other challenges they may face
  • Personal Reflection: taking time to reflect on a person’s journey and life can be healing and profoundly moving for those who take time out to do it

The journey of healing in recovery is not the same for anybody in a specific program or in different programs. They simply cannot experience the same journey because every individual has been through something different and unique. There is hope for healing. Entering a drug or alcohol rehab program can change your life. Sometimes it takes a unique program like wilderness therapy to try and reach that potential.

The Last Resort is a safe space for healing. When people struggle with drugs or alcohol, they are not able to make good choices or decisions. The key is to find hope for people who are wrestling with addiction and have not found a way forward. We provide wilderness therapy, along with traditional methods, to offer that space to feel heard and vulnerable. Contact us to learn more.

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