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Young People Face Unique Challenges in Recovery

Written By:

Becky Babb

Young People Face Unique Challenges in Recovery

    The number of young people recovering from addiction is rising, and no one knows why. Some believe it’s because addiction is just becoming more common, and others think it’s because more people feel like they can come forward because it is more accepted to talk about addiction these days. Whatever the reason, the addiction is the same, but young people have different challenges in recovery than older addicts. They will face unique struggles because of the stage of life they are in, and they need support. However, if they can overcome these obstacles, they can become stronger and better equipped to handle recovery and beyond.Transitioning to college is difficult, and recovering while transitioning can feel impossible. Drinking and parties are commonplace during college, and those recovering may be treated like outsiders because they aren’t joining in. In addition, the common presence of these substances can tempt the individual to relapse. This struggle can be overwhelming. You may feel the struggle between wanting to fit in with everyone else and wanting to stay sober. As hard as college can be, there are also many ways to gather support and acceptance. Other sober students can meet up and unite to form a supportive peer group during this tough time. On some campuses, there are separate sober dormitories or housing options for students in these positions.Turning 21 is considered a major event in American society. Young people are expected to go out, drink excessively, and have a good time. Leading up to this event, the recovering addict may feel anxious, sad, or even regret their choices that are keeping them from celebrating like everyone else. During this time, you should seek extra support, meeting with family and friends to discuss your feelings and create a plan in order for you to not feel alone. You should remember that recovery is an amazing thing. You can have fun without drugs and alcohol. There are people who care about you that are going to help you through these tough times.Another issue for young people with addictions is getting help without insurance. Most insurance plans will cover addiction medications and facilities, but it can be hard to get help if you have no insurance. You shouldn’t get discouraged if you cannot find a way to get professional help. It is possible to become and stay sober on your own. The best thing to do is find peer support and groups to guide you through the process, and talk to others who have gone through the same process. If you are having trouble recovering or want to begin the process, The Last Resort can help. Call 512-750-6750 to begin the recovery process today surrounded by people who care.

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