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Creative Writing During Drug Addiction Recovery – Creative Writing As Therapy

Written By:

Becky Babb

Creative Writing During Drug Addiction Recovery - Creative Writing As Therapy

Physically and emotionally, recovery takes its toll. Having a way to express one’s thoughts, feelings and emotions throughout the journey can be helpful and also very therapeutic. Addiction leaves a trail of trauma and suffering in its wake not only for the individual in recovery but others including family, friends, and colleagues as well. People in recovery can experience severe emotional mood swings and need a place to openly express all that has happened without judgment or shame. Creative writing during addiction recovery is one of the ways to clear one’s mind and heal.

Getting Started

While a person in recovery may have taken the first step to getting better, it does not mean the individual is ready to explore the complexity of emotions and feelings with others outside the recovery groups. Creative writing as therapy allows people to begin a conversation with oneself and learn one’s own stories and how the interplay of these is part of the greater picture of recovering from addiction. Creative writing drug addiction therapy can really help to open up mens rehab experience. Some of the ways it can help include:

  • Admitting to thoughts, feelings, and experiences without going in front of a group
  • Come to realizations about oneself and build awareness around issues which led to addiction
  • Includes free verse, poetry and any medium of expression to guide one’s thoughts to what is underneath the surface of the subconscious which may have been previously undiscovered

Often men feel awkward and insecure when sharing deep emotional feelings. Creative writing allows an outlet for expression that most men feel vastly more comfortable with. This allows these men to make significant emotional progress during their recovery in a way they are amenable to.

How it Works

Putting one’s thoughts on paper is the most important part of creative writing as therapy. Allowing the mind to wander freely and be vulnerable helps to clear the clutter and open spaces for healing. Events from the past which impact the present can be dealt with oftentimes through writing down what is going on, how it feels and exploring the issues more deeply. This is exactly what we target through creative writing as therapy. Although it is not a panacea intended to cure a person’s addiction, individuals in recovery may find it a useful tool which increases the chance of success in recovery. At the very least the use of creative writing drug addiction therapy can be useful for self-evaluation and emotional relief. Creative writing drug addiction therapy could be a crucial part of your rehab experience.

Why it Works

A person who has not written before or experienced the power of putting pen to paper may be hesitant to believe in the power of creative writing as therapy. Some of the reasons it works are that it brings new thoughts forward when old ones may be playing on a tape recorder over and over. Looking back at one’s writing can serve a reflective purpose over a period of days, weeks, months and even years. This can serve as a reminder of how far a person has come in recovery, especially for days when temptation is strong and triggers are pushing a person towards relapse. Creative writing drug addiction therapy is not for everyone but everyone should at least try it once to find out more about oneself and ways to explore expression which can bring new elements of healing to the recovery process.

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