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Intensive Psychotherapy For Addiction Treatment

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Intensive Psychotherapy For Addiction Treatment

Intensive psychotherapy for addiction treatment is a supercharged form of regular therapy. With intensive inpatient therapy, a patient might spend six to seven hours per day in therapy sessions. Group sessions can mix in with individual therapy, as can specific workshops and medical therapy.Inpatient therapy sessions will continue for four to five consecutive days. During this time, medical professionals will encourage to process all psychological issues that may be affecting him. However, this occurs with none of the typical breaks that occur in a series of hourly therapy sessions.Intensive outpatient therapy can last for weeks or months, and will generally include up to ten hours of therapy per week spread over three to five days. Both inpatient and outpatient sessions will be goal-oriented and customized to each individual’s specific situation and needs.

What is Intensive Psychotherapy for Addiction Treatment?

Intensive psychotherapy is perceived as being more effective for alcoholics and drug addict who will not need extensive detox treatments. Detox can itself be an intensive process. Commencing any therapy, and particularly intensive psychotherapy, while a patient is undergoing detox will likely be ineffective. Detox and withdrawal will instead generally require all of the patient’s attention and abilities. Alcoholics and addicts who enroll in an intensive psychotherapy for addiction treatment program will usually begin that program with a few introductions. This forms the therapist-patient relationship, goal-setting, and preparation of treatment plans, and resolution of any immediate problems that could hinder progress in the therapy. The next phase of the program will include therapy sessions. These typically focus on drug and alcohol abstinence, education and training on new activities to replace drug and alcohol fueled activities, identification of potential triggers that can cause a relapse, diagnosis of conditions that contributed to alcoholism or drug addiction, and commencement of programs in which an addict can start to help other recovering addicts. These sessions mirror a typical 28-day recovery cycle, but are offered in a more continuous and intense environment that leaves less room for free time.

Who Needs Intensive Psychotherapy?

Intensive psychotherapy for addiction treatment will not be a good option for all addicts and alcoholics. Some patients will find that they need more time to process information. Others will simply lack the endurance for multiple therapy sessions that occur a short period of time. Alternately, patients who are beginning to come to grips with a possible drug or alcohol problem may benefit most from intensive psychotherapy. In a relatively short period of time, those patients can receive the equivalent of six months of therapy and introspection to give them a better picture of where their lives and habits have led them. They can then graduate from intensive psychotherapy and into a more even-paced, long-term recovery.Intensive psychotherapy does not follow any single pattern. With proper management, this program will work to respond to each patient’s addiction. For example, some individuals might start intensive psychotherapy with day-long sessions. Afterwards, they will progress through the program with sessions that grow shorter each day. Others will be in and out of a program in a week or less.

Psychotherapy for Addiction at The Last Resort

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