Men’s Alcohol Rehab Program in Texas

Best Texas Alcohol Rehab Program for Men

Alcohol addiction poses both serious short-term and long-term risks that are detrimental to a person’s health. In addition, alcoholism can negatively impact a person’s relationships, both personally and at work. 

Men may begin abusing alcohol as a response to social, environmental, or mental health issues. They may use alcohol to help alleviate stressors from work or school or as a coping mechanism for self-esteem issues or mental illnesses. 

No matter why a person struggles with alcoholism, it’s never the wrong time to seek treatment. 

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, Last Resort Recovery offers the best Texas alcohol rehab program for men. Regardless of the circumstances, we provide a range of alcohol rehab options to help you get your life back on track.

Benefits of a Men’s-Only Alcohol Treatment Program

Choosing the right gender-specific alcohol addiction treatment program can help support men in recovery from addiction disorders. While both men and women face similar challenges in sobriety, keeping genders separate during treatment offers several advantages.

Our male-only alcohol rehab centers focus solely on recovery without the distraction of romantic relationships. Furthermore, keeping genders separate during the treatment process can help facilitate healing. Some men are more likely to share their feelings during talk therapy in a group of people of the same sex.

The Last Resort Recovery Recovery Center offers individualized treatment plans including specialized behavioral therapy for alcohol addiction designed with the needs of men in mind. Our facility helps foster healing, brotherhood, and long-term recovery through our treatment processes and Alcoholics Anonymous. 

In addition to a focus on men’s needs throughout the recovery process, our 55-acre ranch in the heart of Texas promotes healing. The calming and rural atmosphere helps eliminate distractions and encourages men to engage in recovery.

Signs That You May Need a Program for Alcoholism

It’s never easy to admit it’s time to consider an alcohol rehab program. Many men struggling with alcoholism know it’s the right time when they’ve tried to stop drinking and can’t, or they can’t stay away from alcohol for long periods of time. In other scenarios, uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms may indicate it’s time to seek help.

Alcoholism can begin to wreak havoc on a person’s social life, family interactions, and ability to work. If you or a loved one have experienced any of these signs, it may suggest it’s time to seek help. Alcohol addiction treatment at the Last Resort can help men dealing with alcohol abuse safely discontinue use and experience a greater quality of life.

How We Treat Men’s Alcohol Addiction at Our Texas Rehab Clinic

Alcohol addiction doesn’t develop overnight, and nobody becomes a heavy drinker on purpose. Most adults struggling with alcohol abuse start with a drink after work to unwind. Eventually, they find they need two or three drinks to achieve the same effects. After a while, it becomes challenging to make it through a single evening without at least a couple of drinks, and the addiction takes hold. 

The Last Resort understands that there is almost always an underlying reason that alcohol addiction develops. It often stems from past trauma, inability to cope with stress, or something else entirely. Our Texas alcohol addiction treatment program is designed to get to the bottom of these crucial issues so the men we treat can achieve and maintain sobriety.

Types of Men’s Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs Available at The Last Resort

Last Resort Recovery Center offers a full continuum of care throughout its alcohol rehabilitation program providing individualized care that helps support each client’s needs. 

For many, the first step of rehab is an alcohol detox. The withdrawal process can be difficult for a man’s mental health and physical well-being. Depression, anxiety, shakes, and nausea is just a few of the symptoms they may experience. Our medical detox helps men deal with symptoms of alcohol withdrawal in a safe and comforting environment with the needed medical care.

After medical detox, men will move on to the inpatient alcohol treatment program. While in residential treatment, men will experience and attend a variety of treatment modalities. We offer individual therapy, group therapy, as well as family therapy sessions. Our facility also offers equine-assisted psychotherapy.

Our intensive outpatient treatment programs (IOP) are also available for men who have completed, or do not require, residential treatment. Patients can continue living at home while progressing through outpatient treatment. We create an individualized treatment plan with individual counseling, support groups, and various relapse prevention strategies for alcohol dependence. Often, outpatient programs appeal to men with work, family, or school commitments.

For those who have completed treatment, the Last Resort provides aftercare services, peer support groups, and sober living homes to help support clients as they transition back into their everyday routines. Substance use disorder is a disease requiring diligence and a sound support system to maintain sobriety. 

Get Help Overcoming Alcohol Addiction With the Proven Rehab Programs at the Last Resort Recovery

The Last Resort offers personalized treatment plans designed specifically for men with alcohol use disorder. Our alcohol rehab program offers personalized treatments based on evidence-based modalities at a stunning 55-acre ranch. In addition, clients benefit from intensive workshops and an equestrian experience unlike any other in the region.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients quit drinking, recreate their lives, and become “recovered gentlemen” through our unique support system. If you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol abuse, Last Resort Recovery can help. Reach out to us today to get started on the path to recovery.