10:02am The Perfect Time For Recovery

For all of our Facebook followers, y’all are probably wondering why we posted a photo of a Clock at 10:02am.

At The Last Resort we have a session we like to call “Community”. Every Monday through Friday, Community begins at 10:00am. I know, you’re asking what’s with 10:02, why not 10:00? Community starts with 2 minutes of prayer and meditation immediately followed by “Concerns” at exactly 10:02am. Concerns are shared by the clients and are directed back to their peers.As an example of a Concern, a client will look directly into the eyes of his peer and say, [Jack], “I feel anger and fear when you isolate from the rest of the group”.This peer to peer accountability is a vital aspect of The Last Resort recovery program. Because of the fact that we allow and encourage our clients to hold each other accountable, we see quicker growth and greater awareness. Even though all of the staff at The Last Resort who work directly with the clients are all in recovery from alcoholism / addiction, there is still a barrier between staff and the client. This is why we create a safe environment – a community/group – where the staff is only present to guide the clients. Community teaches the clients how to take constructive criticism, how to express how they really feel no matter how big or small the issue, and to become aware of their defects. Community also gives them a chance to realize that every situation can become a learning experience, and most importantly, an opportunity to let things out instead of doing what they have been doing for so long, bottling up their emotions.