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5 Signs of Heroin Abuse

Written By:

Becky Babb

5 Signs of Heroin Abuse

    Poppy flower > opium > morphine > heroin . . .

    aka H, smack, boy, horse, brown, black, tar . . .

    Whatever name you call it, this opioid is highly addictive, illegal, and used by millions of addicts around the world. Heroin is derived from the poppy flower through a series of refinement processes until the final product is ready to be injected, or smoked.Here are five sure signs that heroin is being abused, although the addict will try to hide their habit, even lie if they feel they have to.Drug paraphernaliahave you noticed out of place items around the house? Hypodermic needles (usually in combination with a spoon and filter material), lighter/candle, aluminum foil, empty plastic pens, glass/metal pipes, tied balloons or baggies with colorful logos.Track marksno recent medical procedures? Then there should be no reason for needle marks, scarring or scabbing, and or bruises around the veins.Missing assets—when an addict is desperate for their next fix, they’ll do whatever it takes to get it, including stealing from loved ones. If your wallet comes up short, or you notice some of the family silver missing suddenly, you may have an addict on your hands who is pawning off valuables, and stealing from you.Continual lying, all around evasiveness—just like an addict is willing to steal to pay for their next hit, they are also perfectly okay with lying to either try and hide their habit, or as another show of their willingness to do whatever it takes to score. Relationships often suffer because of this tendency in heroin addicts.Legal problems—Heroin has been labeled as a Schedule I drug by the Federal government, and as such, there are extreme repercussions if a person is caught with the drug, whether it’s possession, for using, or for selling heroin.If you recognize any of these signs of heroin abuse, the staff at Last Resort understand the journey you have ahead and can help you or your loved one get on the road to sobriety.

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