About Addiction & How Exercise Can Improve Recovery

Drug addiction helped by running and other exercisesHere at The Last Resort Recovery Center we will forever remain a program immersed and strongly rooted in the 12-steps. We believe the 12-steps will always be the “sufficient substitute” for alcohol and drugs, but what can we, The Last Resort, also provide that will help one’s recovery even further. Fitness, is a program we promote and believe can strongly benefit one’s recovery here at The Last Resort. Fitness is a coping skill for stress and helps someone learn hot to live life on life’s terms. Fitness is a healthy outlet for an invitational to take pride in, and begin to take pride in his own physical being. Running and other physical exercises have been proven to be a positive effect on dopamine and serotonin receptors in the brain, and a trigger a reward system similar to drug addiction. We must make sure though that fitness does not becomes the sole aspect of one’s recovery, only used as additional coping mechanism where the 12-steps always remain the primary solution to stay drug and alcohol free. As addicts fitness can grow into something more, the mental obsession can and will return in regards to fitness if we do not keep our spiritual condition in check. We must always look to grow, always continue to work the 12-steps, always look for service opportunities, and most importantly always help other alcoholics / drug addicts. Here at The Last Resort we promote fitness for one hour a day, a daily requirement, whether in our state of the art gym, pool, basketball court, or simply taking a walk throughout our beautiful 51 acre property our residents will stay active and healthy at The Last Resort.