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The Importance of Alumni Community in Recovery

Written By:

Becky Babb

The Importance of Alumni Community in Recovery

    “You can’t get picked off the edge, if you remain in the middle.” You hear it echoed in the rooms and treatment centers around the world. Every day that we think that we can lick this thing ourselves, is a day closer to a relapse. Drug and alcohol treatment is something that cannot be done alone, nor can you remain sober on your own. This is why Alumni connections are especially important.A special bond is forged with your “litter mates” and those that have walked the same path to begin the journey of recovery. Side by side, you have faced uncomfortable truths, found or embraced a power greater than yourselves, and trudged the road of happy destiny.This process does not stop when you pack your bags and leave treatment. The real work begins as you transition back into your normal life, and it is important to remain connected. It is vital that you hold each other accountable. During these times we must share the goodness that we experience in sobriety, as well as lean on each other during the hard times.Stay connected with those that came before you, and those that were there after you left. You may find comfort in the advice of someone with a little more time in the real world. Your advice to a newcomer may just save their life.This is a “we” program. There is a reason it is the first word of the first step.“There was power in numbers, there was strength in numbers, there was safety in numbers and for an alcoholic like me, there was life in numbers. If I tried to recover alone I probably would have died”The Last Resort will be hosting the 2017 Alumni Reunion on Saturday October 28th. There will be live music, raffle prizes, food, fellowship and fun.Contact The Last Resort Recovery for more information.

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