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Believe in The Product

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Becky Babb

Believe in The Product

    Another day, another flight, another city, and another opportunity to spread the message of how The Last Resort is helping men struggling with addiction. Without a doubt, I am forever grateful to TLR for the opportunity to become the man I am today. From starting as a tech covering the 3pm-11pm shift, to Director of Admissions, and now Regional Marketer, my life has grown tremendously since we opened our doors in 2012. Almost four years later, I’m pretty amazed what this recovery thing can do to someone’s life, and to think, it all started with a blue book and some willingness.I truly believe my success and career growth simply comes down to one thing, I believe in the product. The Last Resort changed my life, and I’ve seen it change hundreds of lives over the past 4 years. I believe in our staff, in our program, in our owners, but most importantly, I believe in our united stance on how God plays a part in one’s recovery. I’m blessed to work for a recovery center who isn’t afraid to talk about God as a solution for addiction. That at the end of the day we must focus on a “sufficient substitute” and not only just believe in this substitute, but actually have a relationship with it.In 2016 you have to be careful how you use God in a social setting, work environment, and especially addiction treatment. In no way does our staff push any religion onto our clients or require them to purchase a bible. We simply give them opportunity to find what works for them. For some it’s God, some it’s spirit of the universe, and for some its the fellowship, but for everyone it’s something greater than themselves. Of course, God is not the only solution we provide for our clients. With our amazing clinical staff, equine therapy, and deep men’s emotional work, our program stands toe to toe with any center in the country. But, one thing is for certain, God is present in our staff, program, and our 51-acre property. From Father Bill on Wednesdays, to Director of Recovery Services, Steven Long, bringing a big book study; God is alive and well at The Last Resort.-Austin Berry

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