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Can You Quit Cocaine Cold Turkey?

Written By:

Becky Babb

Can You Quit Cocaine Cold Turkey?

    The short answer is yes, anything is possible.The longer, responsible answer is: quitting cocaine cold turkey, especially on your own, is never advisable.It’s true that with repeated use, cocaine addiction, and eventually dependence, do get worse. However, it only takes one dose to feel the full effects of a crash, and usually that crash is bad enough that the urge to use again, to bury the feelings, is right there, knocking on your proverbial door with a vengeance. Which is why cocaine users get sucked in so fast, finding themselves on a merry go round of ‘use and crash’.As destructive as cocaine is to a person’s mind and body, it’s only a matter of time before a person hits rock bottom and realizes that they either need to quit, or they’ll likely end up dead.A “cold turkey” quit is when a person stops using all at once, without any gradual tapering off the drug. This is always a shock to the system, in particular if the person has been using for a long time. Medically supervised detoxification is recommended for long term addicts as the likelihood of suicide attempts and/or bouts of paranoia and hallucinations are much higher.Most addicts are drawn to cocaine because of the euphoric feelings it brings when the drug forces extra serotonin and dopamine dumps into the system. Because of this, those attempting withdrawal and recovery will have to deal with mental and emotional symptoms in addition to the physiological ones.Typical symptoms cocaine addicts may experience during withdrawal:

    • increased levels of agitation
    • mood swings, depression
    • physical fatigue, lack of activity
    • generalized lethargy, mental unease
    • increased appetite
    • intense dreams, often unpleasant in nature

    If you or a loved one are having problems with cocaine addiction, you don’t have to fight it alone. Your best chance for a successful recovery involves getting outside help and sticking to personalized treatment plan which includes medical guidance, counseling, and group therapy. To increase your chances of success, avoid those people and places that enabled you to start using in the first place. Last, but not least, give Last Resort a call—we want to see you succeed and live a sober future.

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